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The Training Schedule. 
Check back later for new 2024 classes.

THE JANUARY 16 & 17 Class has been CANCELLED.
It will be rescheduled later in the Spring.
January 16 & 17, 2024 - Nashville - Southern Company, 2451 Atrium Way, Nashville, TN Cancelled - Closed
April 11 & 12, 2024 - Knoxville - Rothchild's Catering Center, 8807 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN
May 22 & 23, 2024 - Nashville -Southern Company, 2451 Atrium Way, Nashville, TN - Closed
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First Name Last Name Organization  (sort) City (sort) Cert. No. Exp. Date
David Abbey Development Management Group Nashville 121547-D2 12/31/2024
Shahad Abdulrahman City of Franklin Franklin 134742-D2 12/31/2025
Matthew Abston S&ME INC New Albany 146630-D2 12/31/2025
Suleiman Abusarhan Robert G. Campbell & Associates Knoxville 146475-D2 12/31/2025
John Agan Hamilton County Engr. & Fac. Maint. Chattanooga 115879-D2 12/31/2024
Michael Agnew Neel-Schaffer Nashville 119932-D2 12/31/2021
Khalid Ahmed TDOT Hq Nashville 131698-D2 12/31/2024
Julie Alcantara Neel-Schaffer Soddy Daisy 112473-D2 12/31/2026
Gracie Aldridge City of Spring Hill Spring Hill 145718-D2 12/31/2025
Crystal Alfaro Department of the Army Fort Campbell 148891-D2 12/31/2025
Larry Allen City of Hendersonville Hendersonville 117154-D2 12/31/2025
Josh Allen City of Gatlinburg Gatlinburg 113733-D2 12/31/2025
Jonathan Allen Geosyntec Consultants, Inc. Knoxville 117266-D2 12/31/2024
Jason Allen Acuff Enterprises, Inc. Cordova 134636-D2 12/31/2026
Clinton Allen Fort Campbell Directorate of Public Works Ft Campbell 131920-D2 12/31/2024
Randy Amayo SolAmerica Energy Atlanta 138108-D2 12/31/2024
Rozh Ameen TVA Chattanooga 115809-D2 12/31/2024
Amin Amin STV Franklin 148278-D2 12/31/2026
Trent Anderson RK&K Bristol 145436-D2 12/31/2024
Eli Anderson Metro Water Services, Development Services Nashville 135949-D2 12/31/2026
William Andrews Williamson County Government Franklin 119061-D2 12/31/2024
Thomas Armstrong Croy Engineering Chattanooga 143837-D2 12/31/2025
Jon Armstrong Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure, Inc. Abingdon 121821-D2 12/31/2021
James Armstrong Armstrong Engineering Nashville 116538-D2 12/31/2025
Alejandra Arriaga City of Lakeland Lakeland 142391-D2 12/31/2024
Paige Ashe-McLean F & M Consulting Savannah 131696-D2 12/31/2024
Jeffrey Atkins U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Campbell Fort Campbell 131544-D2 12/31/2024
Tyler Auberson Obair Contracting, LLC Cookeville 141195-D2 12/31/2025
Revendra Awasthi TDEC Knoxville 122422-D2 12/31/2022
Preston Ayer T-Square Engineering, Inc. Brentwood 136664-D2 12/31/2024
Nicholas Ayers Water Quality & Erosion Control of Tennessee Nashville 130705-D2 12/31/2025
Joseph Badyrka Consor Engineers Nashville 149552-D2 12/31/2026
Tyler Bagwell City of Cookeville - Water Quality Department Cookeville 139505-D2 12/31/2024
Miller Bailey City of Oak Ridge Oak Ridge 144727-D2 12/31/2025
Jonathan Bailey Wilson & Associates Franklin 124203-D2 12/31/2022
John Bailey Land Solutions nashville 146725-D2 12/31/2025
Camilla Balderas EnSafe, Inc. Memphis 144850-D2 12/31/2024
RT Baldwin City of Lebanon Lebanon 123518-D2 12/31/2024
Allison Baldwin T-Square Engineering Franklin 145106-D2 12/31/2024
Matt Banker LandTech Engineering & Surveying Knoxville 142897-D2 12/31/2024
William Banks City of Franklin Franklin 132321-D2 12/31/2024
Lee Barber Tennessee Military Department Smyrna 135952-D2 12/31/2022
James Barfield Silicon Ranch Corporation Albemarle 145733-D2 12/31/2024
Andy Barlow City of Mt Juliet Mt Juliet 132323-D2 12/31/2025
Joseph Barnett City of Elizabethton Elizabethton 121688-D2 12/31/2025
James Barre Civic Engineering Nashville 136669-D2 12/31/2021
William Barry S&ME Knoxville 117308-D2 12/31/2026
Dennis Bartlett Bartlett Construction, Inc. New Market 144216-D2 12/31/2027
Robert Bartol Chattanooga Public Works Chattanooga 124256-D2 12/31/2024
Byron Barton GEOServices, LLC Knoxville 131950-D2 12/31/2025
Darek Baskin City of Brentwood Brentwood 131700-D2 12/31/2024
Jamon Bass City of Chattanooga Chattanooga 131051-D2 12/31/2025
Clyde Baumgartner SWPP Management LLC SpringHill 133101-D2 12/31/2025
Quentin Beard Metro Water Service Nashville 144253-D2 12/31/2025
Joseph Beatty Metro Water Services Nashville 148285-D2 12/31/2025
Robert Bebber City of Bristol, TN Bristol 144913-D2 12/31/2026
Randy Beckner Mattern & Craig Johnson City 124122-D2 12/31/2024
Thomas Becktold Arcadis Soddy Daisy 116828-D2 12/31/2027
Terry Beers City of Springfield Springfield 131547-D2 12/31/2027
Tim Begley City of Crossville 38555-4232 131160-D2 12/31/2024
Jordan Begley D & L Surveying 42104 145629-D2 12/31/2025
Duncan Belew Metro Water Services Nashville 148288-D2 12/31/2025
Jessica Bell ERM Nashville 140099-D2 12/31/2022
Elizabeth Bender TDOT Knoxville 900456-D2 12/31/2024
Samuel Benefield TVA Sale Creek 116782-D2 12/31/2027
Alan Bengtson Test Company Testing 151394-D2 12/31/2025
Westley Benson Civil Engineering and Surveying Cookeville 148290-D2 12/31/2025
Benjamin Berry Berry Engineers LLC Cleveland 117330-D2 12/31/2024
Andrew Best City of Johnson City Johnson City 114308-D2 12/31/2025
Erica Bevis City of Cleveland Cleveland 138077-D2 12/31/2022
Lindsey Bidder NSA Mid-South Millington 142394-D2 12/31/2025
Timothy Bierdz Town Of Collierville Collierville 130795-D2 12/31/2025
Michael Biggs The Corradino Group Brentwood 124565-D2 12/31/2024
Austin Biggs Gresham Smith Nashville 142010-D2 12/31/2024
Lane Bishop Lane S Bishop and Associates Blue Ridge 119965-D2 12/31/2022
Crystal Bishop TVA Chattanooga 113422-D2 12/31/2027
Kevin Blackburn City of Fairview Fairview 143285-D2 12/31/2024
Derek Blackwood MAP Engineers, LLC Chattanooga 130088-D2 12/31/2027
Zachary Blair TTL, Inc. Nashville 138218-D2 12/31/2027
Jameion Blakely Gresham Smith Nashville 145565-D2 12/31/2026
Heath Blaylock City of Crossville Crossville 121164-D2 12/31/2024
John Boatright TDEC DSW Bartlett 131637-D2 12/31/2026
Stefan Bobot Atkins Nashville 131638-D2 12/31/2024
Phillip Boggs Mark V Mining and Engineering Clinton 124269-D2 12/31/2024
Byron Bohrman Design and Engineering PC Brentwood 117045-D2 12/31/2024
James Boles TDOT Kingston 131837-D2 12/31/2022
Rebecca Bolin Farmer-Morgan, LLC Pikeville 116543-D2 12/31/2024
Chris Bongfeldt Thompson Engineering Clarksville 120996-D2 12/31/2024
Lawson Bordley CHA Consulting Inc. Louisville 124843-D2 12/31/2022
Bradley Bork CESO Inc. Brentwood 139516-D2 12/31/2022
Austin Boswell City of Knoxville Engineering Department Knoxville 144134-D2 12/31/2026
Evan Boulanger City of Memphis Memphis 124713-D2 12/31/2024
Dennis Bouton Volkert Inc Chattanooga 135487-D2 12/31/2026
Rebecca Bowe C2RL, Inc. Engineers Alcoa 132135-D2 12/31/2024
Desti Bowerman Brad Sidle Construction Olive Branch 134525-D2 12/31/2022
Logan Bowman Metro Water Services Nashville 133837-D2 12/31/2027
Marshall Boyd Sumner County Gallatin 119920-D2 12/31/2025
Stephen Brady Stantec Chattanooga 123221-D2 12/31/2024
Kyle Branning Stantec Chattanooga 140665-D2 12/31/2026
Ricky Brannon TVA Harriman 130393-D2 12/31/2024
Nick Branum Lennar Corporation Franklin 131853-D2 12/31/2025
Russ Brasfield Barge Design Solutions, Inc. Memphis 131040-D2 12/31/2024
Wendy Braxter-Rhyne City of Jackson Jackson 114240-D2 12/31/2024
David Brewer City of Springfield Springfield 132330-D2 12/31/2025
Jason Bridwell BAE Systems Kingsport 123736-D2 12/31/2024
Louis Brill Town of signal mountain, TN Signal Mountain 148650-D2 12/31/2025
Michael Brock Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions, Inc. Knoxville 132463-D2 12/31/2024
James Brogdon Arcadis Chattanooga 133986-D2 12/31/2024
Jeremy Bronner OHM Advisors Nashville 145402-D2 12/31/2025
Megan Brooks City of Alcoa Alcoa 132635-D2 12/31/2024
Christopher Broom City of Cleveland Cleveland 130090-D2 12/31/2027
Serena Broska TDEC DSW Nashville 141204-D2 12/31/2022
Timothy Brown UCOR Oak Ridge 118953-D2 12/31/2024
Sharon Brown Environment & Archaeology Knoxville 131710-D2 12/31/2024
Matthew Brown TTL Inc Nashville 133229-D2 12/31/2024
Matt Brown City of Lakeland Lakeland 113921-D2 12/31/2025
Kendall Brown Smith Seckman Reid Memphis 137660-D2 12/31/2024
Gary Brown Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood Greenville 131640-D2 12/31/2024
Eric Brown TDOT Region 4 Jackson 124695-D2 12/31/2025
Chrisie Brown EnviroScience, Inc Brentwood 141524-D2 12/31/2022
Bridget Brown B2EC LLC Louisville 121863-D2 12/31/2025
Staci Bruce Environmental 360, Inc Chattanooga 135424-D2 12/31/2027
Lashaun Bryant Town of Arlington Arlington 144550-D2 12/31/2024
Tom Buchanan S&ME Nashville 139055-D2 12/31/2026
Jacob Buchanan RS&H Abingdon 141660-D2 12/31/2022
Greg Buckner City of Lenoir City Lenoir City 121624-D2 12/31/2025
Mark Buckreis Stantec Nashville 117041-D2 12/31/2024
Melanie Bumpus TDOT Design Nashville 113606-D2 12/31/2024
Chawanpon Bunniran Allen & Hoshall Memphis 131641-D2 12/31/2024
Wenston Buntin Moss Welding/Tri-Star Turf & Excavation Cross Plains 149564-D2 12/31/2026
Chris Burdett Thompson Engineering Knoxville 141424-D2 12/31/2022
Tina Burgess DEPA Crossville 132639-D2 12/31/2024
Jordan Burgess DEPA Crossville 144356-D2 12/31/2026
Chuck Burgess ECE Services Crossville 115573-D2 12/31/2024
Robert Burnette TDEC DSW Chattanooga 138094-D2 12/31/2024
Joshua Burnette Renaissance Development Eads 135202-D2 12/31/2025
William Burney Jr TDOT Nashville 131147-D2 12/31/2024
Matthew Burns TTL, Inc. Nashville 144592-D2 12/31/2024
Garret Burton City of Gallatin, TN Gallatin 145293-D2 12/31/2025
Abbey Burton Stantec Chattanooga 148652-D2 12/31/2026
Marshall Bush City Of Knoxville Knoxville 145744-D2 12/31/2026
Lyndon Bussell City of McMinnville McMinnville 142015-D2 12/31/2025
Benjamin Butler Metro Water Services Nashville 142016-D2 12/31/2022
Ben Byars Griggs & Maloney, Inc. Murfreesboro 131554-D2 12/31/2021
Karina Bynum TDEC DWR Cookeville 138186-D2 12/31/2024
Bill Callaghan OHM Advisors Nashville 146380-D2 12/31/2025
Erik Callahan Tennessee Tech University Cookeville 142179-D2 12/31/2025
Michael Campbell M2 Group, LLC Franklin 138429-D2 12/31/2025
Jordan Campbell TDOT Knoxville 900418-D2 12/31/2025
Erin Campbell City of Bartlett Bartlett 139378-D2 12/31/2025
Raymond Canady Barge Design Solutions, Inc. Nashville 116530-D2 12/31/2025
Donna Cantrell Cantrell Engineering & Surveying LLC Gatlinburg 123001-D2 12/31/2024
Allan Cantrell Johnson City 116813-D2 12/31/2025
Ronnie Canups Stantec Nashville 139060-D2 12/31/2025
Dennis Carmack Parsons Memphis 124236-D2 12/31/2024
Jon Carman City of Franklin Hermitage 125350-D2 12/31/2024
Emily Carpenter TDOT Chattanooga 900403-D2 12/31/2022
Trudy Carr DPW Environmental Branch Ft Campbell 138273-D2 12/31/2024
Will Carroll CDM Smith Knoxville 133022-D2 12/31/2024
Michael Carter St. John Engineering Manchester 120692-D2 12/31/2026
Andy Carter TLM Associates, Inc. Jackson 144601-D2 12/31/2024
David Carver Sevier County Sevierville 112103-D2 12/31/2025
Steven Casey Civil & Environmental Consultants Franklin 116501-D2 12/31/2025
Kevin Casler Land Development Solutions Knoxville 145431-D2 12/31/2024
John Castleman TTL USA Nashville 146735-D2 12/31/2025
Amanda Cemenski Lennar Homes of Tennessee, LLC. Franklin 145703-D2 12/31/2025
Karl Chance AECOM Oak Ridge 121828-D2 12/31/2022
Raechel Chandler Forensic Engineering Company, LLC Murfreesboro 146428-D2 12/31/2025
Jacob Chandler City of Bristol Tennessee Bristol 131711-D2 12/31/2024
Jeff Chapman Blount County Govt Maryville 123869-D2 12/31/2026
David Charville Tetra Tech Toledo 140670-D2 12/31/2024
Kenneth Cheek HHNT Macon 138075-D2 12/31/2021
Clark Chewning Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. Franklin 141536-D2 12/31/2022
John Childers Childers' Land Surveying, PLLC Tracy 130658-D2 12/31/2022
Crosby Childress Forcum Lannom Contractors LLC Dyersburg 114742-D2 12/31/2024
Peter Chimera Civil and Enviornmental Consultanrs Franklin 135076-D2 12/31/2022
Pov Chin Memphis Shelby County Airport Authority Memphis 123434-D2 12/31/2021
Brian Chomicki City of Lebanon lebanon 146003-D2 12/31/2025
Andy Cieslak City of White House White House 144790-D2 12/31/2025
Matt Clabaugh Barge Design Solutions, Inc. Kingsport 131712-D2 12/31/2024
Noah Clabo Vaughn & Melton Knoxville 143413-D2 12/31/2024
Doyle Clabo Sevier County Sevierville 114054-D2 12/31/2025
Matthew Claerbout Garver Franklin 137399-D2 12/31/2026
Will Clark LIS (L.I. Smith) Paris 146738-D2 12/31/2026
Richard Clark Clark Engineering & Utility Solutions, LLC Bolivar 124222-D2 12/31/2024
Kinzee Clark WSP Knoxville 145083-D2 12/31/2026
Jeffrey Clark Madison County Building Dept. Jackson 134640-D2 12/31/2025
Thomas Clawson TDOT Nashville 145493-D2 12/31/2024
Benjamin Claxton RK&K Knoxville 131232-D2 12/31/2024
Katherine Clifton TTL, Inc. Nashville 137401-D2 12/31/2027
Chris Cline Cannon & Cannon, Inc. Knoxville 132473-D2 12/31/2024
Carlton Cobb City of Portland Portland 134439-D2 12/31/2025
Marilyn Coffey Athena Engineering and Environmental Nashville 116411-D2 12/31/2022
Calvin Cole City of Millington Millington 145853-D2 12/31/2024
Dayton Coleman A Morton Thomas & Associates Kingsport 130920-D2 12/31/2024
Benton Coles Gresham Smith Nashville 133845-D2 12/31/2022
Donald Collins TTL, Inc. Mount Juliet 133611-D2 12/31/2024
Alvin Cook Alvin Cook, Engineering Consultant, LLC Chaattanooga 138095-D2 12/31/2024
Brandie Cookston CDM Smith Chattanooga 131741-D2 12/31/2024
Cody Coonradt Wood plc Knoxville 146861-D2 12/31/2025
Tony Cooper Jr. Wright Brothers Construction Co Charleston 133347-D2 12/31/2024
Jason Copenhaver JTC Engineering, LLC Suwanee 131234-D2 12/31/2024
Nathan Couch Collier Engineering Company, Inc. Nashville 136691-D2 12/31/2026
Sharon Counts C2RL, Inc. Alcoa 146644-D2 12/31/2025
Stacey Cox Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. Franklin 131643-D2 12/31/2026
Sam Cox KC Trucking of Paris Inc Paris 123210-D2 12/31/2025
George Cox Cannon & Cannon Inc. Memphis 114806-D2 12/31/2024
Morgan Crace Bechtel Knoxville 148492-D2 12/31/2025
William Craig Design and Engineering, inc. Franklin 137407-D2 12/31/2027
Michael Cramer EnSafe Inc Powell 131702-D2 12/31/2024
Frank Cravens City of Sevierville Sevierville 114055-D2 12/31/2025
Jacques Crist Water Quality & Erosion Control of TN Nashville 135208-D2 12/31/2025
William Crofford Murfreesboro 144612-D2 12/31/2025
Zachary Crone Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. Franklin 146741-D2 12/31/2025
Donald Crumley City of Spring Hill Spring Hill 131856-D2 12/31/2024
Lisa Crumpley City of Oak Ridge Oak Ridge 122128-D2 12/31/2024
Adam Crunk Crunk Engineering LLC Brentwood 115600-D2 12/31/2024
James Culbert City of Johnson City Johnson City 116808-D2 12/31/2022
Donnie Culver West TN Redi-Mix Bartlett 132510-D2 12/31/2025
James Currey TDOT Hq Nashville 131674-D2 12/31/2024
Ricky Curtis City of Chattanooga Chattanooga 138110-D2 12/31/2024
Jake Cyrus Silt Solutions of TN Cookeville 137780-D2 12/31/2025
Hunter Dale Dale & Associates Nashville 131645-D2 12/31/2024
Harris Darby City of Kingsport - Water Services Division Kingsport 145755-D2 12/31/2024
Kenneth Darr Pond & Company Peachtree Corners 146381-D2 12/31/2025
Tracy Daugherty TDEC DWR Cookeville 116865-D2 12/31/2024
Krystle Daugherty Volkert Inc Brentwood 124619-D2 12/31/2024
Walter Davidson Walter Davidson & Associates Nashville 116528-D2 12/31/2022
John Davidson City of Union City Union City 133850-D2 12/31/2024
Troy Davis Regent Homes Hermitage 143302-D2 12/31/2026
TERRANCE DAVIS Telecad WSD Lumberton 136698-D2 12/31/2024
Matthew Davis Smith Seckman Reid Nashville 141215-D2 12/31/2024
Matthew Davis Vaughn & Melton Consulting Engineers Knoxville 139218-D2 12/31/2024
Kera Davis TDOT Chattanooga 900457-D2 12/31/2025
Joseph Davis WSP USA Knoxville 147161-D2 12/31/2026
James Davis Rummel, Klepper & Kahl (RK&K) Bristol 130405-D2 12/31/2024
Christopher Davis CD Technical Services Harrison 134062-D2 12/31/2024
Christa Davis Environmental Specialist Knoxville 141670-D2 12/31/2024
Allison Davis Collier Engineering Co., Inc. Nashville 132213-D2 12/31/2025
Layne Dawson SSR Memphis 120901-D2 12/31/2024
Trevor Dean Water Management Services Nashville 146041-D2 12/31/2025
Justin DeAngelis Rimkus Nashville 133995-D2 12/31/2025
James Dearman Orchard Hiltz & McCliment Inc. Nashville 146404-D2 12/31/2025
John Deaton SSR Jackson 132768-D2 12/31/2024
Jason Dees TDEC DWR Chattanooga 133487-D2 12/31/2022
Charles (Sunny) DeFOE Robert G Campbell & Associates LP Knoxville 113975-D2 12/31/2026
Jacob Dein Barge Design Solutions, Inc. Knoxville 136838-D2 12/31/2021
Tom Deines TNT Consulting TN LLC Chattanooga 146158-D2 12/31/2025
Robert Deitz Bacon Farmer Workman Engineering & Testing, Inc. Murray 133241-D2 12/31/2024
David DeLeeuw TRC Engineers Inc Memphis 131028-D2 12/31/2024
Jessica Delo Spectrum Environmental Nashville 900772-D2 12/31/2022
Jerome Dempsey Thomas and Hutton Smyrna 133242-D2 12/31/2024
Randy Denton Kingston 134554-D2 12/31/2022
Lori DeRoos Asimpa LLC Villa Rica 117208-D2 12/31/2024
Jay Derwin Gresham Smith Brentwood 143850-D2 12/31/2024
Kaitlyn DeWald Metro Water Services Nashville 141548-D2 12/31/2025
Michael Dewey Dewey Engineering Nashville 131336-D2 12/31/2025
Edwin Deyton First Utility District of Knox County Knoxville 115760-D2 12/31/2025
Brian Dickey City of Shelbyville Shelbyville 140111-D2 12/31/2024
Douglas Dietz ENSAFE Memphis 112142-D2 12/31/2025
Harry Dike W.H. Porter Consultants, PLLC Memphis 122334-D2 12/31/2022
Jason Dixon City of Millington Millington 145857-D2 12/31/2024
Alys Dobbins City of Kingsport - Water Services Division Kingsport 145754-D2 12/31/2024
Micky Dobson 119506-D2 12/31/2022
David Docauer ETI Corporation Memphis 138229-D2 12/31/2025
Tim Dodd Dodd Engineering, PLLC Hixson 122974-D2 12/31/2024
Brian Donlon Gresham Smith Nashville 121844-D2 12/31/2024
Brian Donnelly The Corradino Group Franklin 133247-D2 12/31/2024
John Doss Montgomery County Bldg & Codes Clarksville 131929-D2 12/31/2024
Sarah Dowda Malasri Engineering MEMPHIS 144860-D2 12/31/2024
Liana Dranes City of Gallatin - Gallatin Public Utilities Gallatin 131859-D2 12/31/2022
John Drewnowski Triad Environmental Consultants Nashville 121656-D2 12/31/2024
John Drummer LDA Engineering Alcoa 131930-D2 12/31/2021
James Duncan Terracon Nashville 146749-D2 12/31/2026
Logan Dunn City of Bristol Bristol 149247-D2 12/31/2026
Nicholas Dwyer ARCADIS Chattanooga 114068-D2 12/31/2025
Clifford Dye, Jr. Southern Construction Group, LLC Cleveland 146228-D2 12/31/2025
Bryan Dyer Dyer & Associates, LLC Richmond 131944-D2 12/31/2024
Michael Eades Parsons Johnson CIty 125316-D2 12/31/2022
Blakeslee Eagan TDOT Nashville 990101-D2 12/31/2024
Paul Easlic City of Johnson City Johnson City 116812-D2 12/31/2022
Blake Easterly City of Chattanooga chattanooga 141673-D2 12/31/2025
Russell Edens Cannon & Cannon Knoxville 149794-D2 12/31/2026
Greg Edrington GBE Engineering Goodlettsville 136704-D2 12/31/2021
Zackery Edwards Brushy Fork Environmental Consulting Abingdon 141674-D2 12/31/2022
Matthew Ellenberger Barge Cauthen & Associates, Inc. Nashville 116479-D2 12/31/2025
Nathan Ellermann Metro Water Services Nashville 143310-D2 12/31/2024
Stephen Elliott Stephen R Elliott & Assoc Chattanooga 133402-D2 12/31/2024
Jason Elliott LDA Engineering Alcoa 124401-D2 12/31/2026
Mary Beth Elrod City of Cookeville Cookeville 121644-D2 12/31/2024
Irucka Embry TDOT Nashville 119971-D2 12/31/2024
Michele Emerson City of Murfreesboro Murfreesboro 138076-D2 12/31/2021
Lawrence Emery NEGroup Chattanooga 135495-D2 12/31/2025
Jeffery Emmett University of Tennessee Knoxville 145498-D2 12/31/2024
Chancellor English EnSafe Inc Nashville 122996-D2 12/31/2022
Jaimi Ensey Griggs & Maloney, Inc. Murfreesboro 132221-D2 12/31/2025
David Estes Estes and Estes Engineering, Inc. Chattanooga 138096-D2 12/31/2027
Daniel Etson Fort Campbell DPW Environmental Div Ft Campbell 133252-D2 12/31/2024
John Farmer Energy Land & Infrastructure, LLC Nashville 133253-D2 12/31/2024
Benjamin Farmer Farmer-Morgan, L.L.C. Pikeville 124020-D2 12/31/2024
Ashlie Farmer TDOT Nashville 131933-D2 12/31/2024
Chad Feenstra Chastain-Skillman Franklin 145582-D2 12/31/2026
Todd Feraru Ragan Smith Associates Chattanooga 144632-D2 12/31/2026
Joshua Ferguson Palmer Engineering Nashville 139545-D2 12/31/2024
David Ferguson Workman Consulting LLC Clinton 145511-D2 12/31/2024
Joe Ferowich Great Smoky Mountain National Park Gatlinburg 133997-D2 12/31/2024
Garrett Ferry University of Tennessee Knoxville 131714-D2 12/31/2024
Michelle Field Smith Seckman Reid Memphis 143940-D2 12/31/2024
James Field Civil Constructors Inc Franklin 131646-D2 12/31/2025
Roger Fields City of Alcoa Alcoa 124509-D2 12/31/2024
Barrett Fisher Hamilton County Chattanooga 119958-D2 12/31/2024
Brittany Fiske City of Manchester Manchester 133114-D2 12/31/2025
Cliff Fite Estes and Estes Engineering Chattanooga 131463-D2 12/31/2024
Lance Fittro City of Franklin, TN Franklin 133115-D2 12/31/2025
Landon Fleeman City of Franklin Franklin 139547-D2 12/31/2025
Julie Florez McGhee Engineering Elkton 146758-D2 12/31/2025
Jay Floyd Ragan Smith Associates Chattanooga 114084-D2 12/31/2024
Roger Flynn City of Oak Ridge Oak Ridge 130413-D2 12/31/2025
Paolo Fonda SSR Nashville 133256-D2 12/31/2024
Carol Ford S&ME Johnson City 125133-D2 12/31/2027
Juanita Ford Boothe Memphis Light Gas and Water Memphis 119952-D2 12/31/2024
Mario Forgione Williamson County Franklin 149372-D2 12/31/2026
Sheila Foronda Federal Highway Administration Ashburn 139224-D2 12/31/2024
Ryan Forte City of Gallatin Gallatin 145673-D2 12/31/2025
Scott Foster Foster Engineering & Energy, Inc. Hendersonville 131569-D2 12/31/2024
Michael Foster Pickering Firm, Inc. Memphis 112143-D2 12/31/2024
George Fowler Wood E&IS Brentwood 113197-D2 12/31/2024
Justin Frazier CDM Smith Knoxville 131715-D2 12/31/2024
Jack Frazier Jack Frazier, P.E, Adams 116843-D2 12/31/2024
Benji Freels City of Lebanon Lebanon 133865-D2 12/31/2025
John Freeman Shelbyville Power, Water & Sewerage System Shelbyville 119887-D2 12/31/2024
Kenneth Freer Ragan Smith Associates Chattanooga 120820-D2 12/31/2024
Joshua Frerichs City of Knoxville Knoxville 132485-D2 12/31/2024
Autumn Friday Hamilton County Chattanooga 130609-D2 12/31/2024
Ben Friend Rutherford County Public Works Murfreesboro 142472-D2 12/31/2022
Aaron Fritts Knox County Engineering & Public Works Knoxville 135007-D2 12/31/2024
Garrett Froula Kimley-Horn Nashville 138113-D2 12/31/2021
Nick Fuller Peery Construction Murfreesboro 135380-D2 12/31/2022
Austin Fussell James + Associates Inc. Dickson 144041-D2 12/31/2024
Brian Gaffney Alfred Benesch & Company Brentwood 131355-D2 12/31/2022
Lauren Gaines Barge Design Solutions, Inc. Nashville 134781-D2 12/31/2022
Christopher Gaither TVA Murfreesboro 131356-D2 12/31/2024
Victoria Gallagher CEC Nashville 147160-D2 12/31/2025
Jason Gamble Homestead Inspections, LLC Jonesborough 141560-D2 12/31/2025
Richard Gammon Palmer Engineering Nashville 133257-D2 12/31/2024
Andrea Gardiner Tennessee State Univeristy Nashville 137565-D2 12/31/2024
Eric Gardner Williamson County Schools Franklin 130303-D2 12/31/2024
Justin Garmany Dement Construction Co. LLC Jackson 136708-D2 12/31/2024
William Garmon City of White House White House 137564-D2 12/31/2024
Warren Garrett City of Portland Portland 130044-D2 12/31/2022
Patrick Gauldin Earth Environmental and Civil Penhook 149308-D2 12/31/2026
Natalie Geng Volkert, Inc. Brentwood 140117-D2 12/31/2025
Dakota Gentry City of Alcoa Alcoa 144983-D2 12/31/2024
Joe Gibbs III City of Memphis Memphis 140621-D2 12/31/2024
Kyle Gibson Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. Nashville 141226-D2 12/31/2024
Brian Gilbert City of Cleveland Cleveland 134073-D2 12/31/2024
Natalie Gill Hamilton County Parks & Recreation Chattanooga 130611-D2 12/31/2025
Chris Gillentine Thompson Engineering Chattanooga 122079-D2 12/31/2024
Jamie Gillespie James & Associates Inc Nashville 117580-D2 12/31/2024
Pamela Gilmer City of Kingsport Kingsport 130885-D2 12/31/2024
Jeff Glass Barge Design Solutions Nashville 131358-D2 12/31/2024
Matt Glenn City of Chattanooga Chattanooga 134074-D2 12/31/2026
Forrest Glover Clinchfield Consulting Group Brentwood 112615-D2 12/31/2025
Steven Goad lebanon 133452-D2 12/31/2025
Scott Goan GeoServices,LLC Knoxville 125171-D2 12/31/2025
Jon Goff Planning Design and Research Engineers Inc Nashville 132354-D2 12/31/2024
Nicole Gonzalez Robert G. Campbell & Associates, LP KNOXVILLE 142198-D2 12/31/2024
Wesley Goodnight EnSafe Inc Memphis 120270-D2 12/31/2025
Warren Goodson W.H. Porter Consultants, PLLC Memphis 122335-D2 12/31/2024
Walter Goodwin Cleveland Surveying Co Cleveland 124285-D2 12/31/2022
John Gordon Energy Land and Infrastructure Murfreesboro 123325-D2 12/31/2024
Josh Grabowski Allworld Project Management Hernando 138212-D2 12/31/2021
Claude Graham Estes Bros. Const., Inc. Jonesville 132599-D2 12/31/2024
John Granberry Granberry and Associates Memphis 133564-D2 12/31/2024
Matthew Graves Resource Environmental Solutions Louisville 147151-D2 12/31/2025
Kenny Graves Water Quality & Erosion Control of Tennessee Nashville 133265-D2 12/31/2025
Jacob Graves Gresham Smith Rutledge 144733-D2 12/31/2027
Micah Gravitt TDEC DWR Chattanooga 131468-D2 12/31/2025
William Gray Ensafe, Inc. Memphis 139095-D2 12/31/2024
John Greear ProE Engineering Services Oak Ridge 118798-D2 12/31/2024
Joseph Green Clarksville Street Dept Clarksville 144776-D2 12/31/2024
Jeremy Green Barge Design Solutions, Inc. Decatur 142478-D2 12/31/2022
Gregory Green Robert G Campbell & Associates Knoxville 116399-D2 12/31/2025
Chloe Green Farmer Morgan Pikeville 146867-D2 12/31/2025
Ronald Greene Neel - Schaffer, Inc. Nashville 143858-D2 12/31/2025
Kelly Greer TriAD Environmental Consultants, Inc. Nashville 145505-D2 12/31/2024
Kristen Grimm OHM Advisors Nashville 145393-D2 12/31/2025
Alan Grissom Cannon & Cannon Inc Knoxville 123025-D2 12/31/2024
Andrew Grosson CDM Smith Nashville 130308-D2 12/31/2025
Geoffrey Grow Grow Environmental Solutions, LLC Tullahoma 136950-D2 12/31/2024
Kenneth Gunn Buchart Horn, Inc Memphis 132565-D2 12/31/2024
Douglas Gutman Civic Engineering & IT Nashville 132666-D2 12/31/2024
Christine Guy-Baker Civil and Environmental Consultants Franklin 139098-D2 12/31/2025
Angie Gwynn MBP Roanoke 145051-D2 12/31/2024
Durand Hacker Blount County Highway Dept. SEVIERVILLE 144345-D2 12/31/2025
Taylor Hagood LDA Engineering Nashville 132490-D2 12/31/2024
Robert Haley SSR Nashville 132356-D2 12/31/2025
W. Hall TDEC DWR Cookeville 120130-D2 12/31/2024
Cory Hall Thomas & Hutton Smyrna 133267-D2 12/31/2024
Kyle Ham Ledford Engineering, Planning and Architecture ARLINGTON 143947-D2 12/31/2024
Brian Hamilton Nashville Civil LLC Nashville 121978-D2 12/31/2027
Robert Hanks Town of Collierville Collierville 136188-D2 12/31/2025
Hugh Hannah TDOT Region 1 Nashville 131716-D2 12/31/2024
Chelsea Hannan TTL, Inc. Nashville 137578-D2 12/31/2025
David Harbin Batson Himes Norvell & Poe Engineering Knoxville 131717-D2 12/31/2022
Tyler Hardee Civil Engineering Services Spring Hill 134463-D2 12/31/2024
Andrew Hardison Barge Design Solutions Nashville, TN 136724-D2 12/31/2024
Carson Hardwick McCarty Granberry Engineering Collierville 142409-D2 12/31/2024
Stephanie Hardy City of Memphis Memphis 112658-D2 12/31/2025
Micah Hargrove Hargrove Design Studio Nashville 145081-D2 12/31/2024
Randy Harper Goodwyn Mills Cawood Nashville 115675-D2 12/31/2024
Kenny Harper Fisher & Arnold, Inc. Memphis 115909-D2 12/31/2027
Glenn Harper City of Columbia Columbia 118345-D2 12/31/2024
Emily Harrell City of Lakeland Lakeland 125259-D2 12/31/2024
Patrick Harrington SSR Nashville 132236-D2 12/31/2024
Lindsey Harris S&ME Inc Kingsport 113755-D2 12/31/2025
Kevin Harris TLM Associates Huntingdon 141566-D2 12/31/2025
Jason Harris Renaissance Land Management Eads 120289-D2 12/31/2022
David Harris City of Kingsport - Engineering Kingsport 137186-D2 12/31/2026
Mark Harrison Terracon Chattanooga 147257-D2 12/31/2025
Brent Harrison Ragan Smith Associates, Inc. Nashville 137433-D2 12/31/2025
Jessica Hartley Johnson City 144201-D2 12/31/2026
Carmen Harvey City of Chattanooga Chattanooga 124209-D2 12/31/2024
Kortland Hatcher Metro Water Services Nashville 143318-D2 12/31/2025
Jeff Hatcher Blount County Highway Dept Maryville 138384-D2 12/31/2027
Josh Hatchett TRC Engineers Inc Memphis 120795-D2 12/31/2025
Amy Hathaway WK Dickson Knoxville 144038-D2 12/31/2024
Teresa Hayes HDR Engineering Brentwood 115609-D2 12/31/2022
Kimberly Hayes Metro Water Services - Development Services Nashville 131577-D2 12/31/2024
Adam Hayes Barge Design Solutions, Inc. Knoxville 134561-D2 12/31/2022
Randy Haynes City of Gatlinburg Gatlinburg 131765-D2 12/31/2022
Sam Haywood Barge Design Solutions, Inc. Memphis 134648-D2 12/31/2024
Tiffany Heard Smith Seckman Reid Memphis 134787-D2 12/31/2021
Boyd Heaton Paris 132603-D2 12/31/2024
Joseph Heintzman City of Brentwood Brentwood 146059-D2 12/31/2025
Mark Heinzer City of Chattanooga Public Works Chattanooga 122266-D2 12/31/2024
Dean Helstrom Vaughn & Melton Consulting Engineers Johnson City 137801-D2 12/31/2024
Brian Hemel KUB Knoxville 113462-D2 12/31/2025
Nikita Hemnani TDOT Chattanooga 901512-D2 12/31/2022
Kelsey Henderson T-Square Engineering, Inc Franklin 144233-D2 12/31/2024
June Henderson Arcadis Chattanooga 124210-D2 12/31/2024
Seth Hendren TDOT Region 4 Jackson 120253-D2 12/31/2024
Frank Henning Michael Baker International Norcross 138114-D2 12/31/2026
Todd Henry CHA Consulting, Inc. Louisville 139232-D2 12/31/2024
Alex Henry TTL Inc. Clarksville 138451-D2 12/31/2025
Mary Hensley Tetra Tech Inc Oak Ridge 121288-D2 12/31/2024
Shawn Herman Metro Water Services Nashville 131579-D2 12/31/2024
Greg Herold City of Chattanooga Chattanooga 121145-D2 12/31/2024
Suzanne Herron Dramby Environmental Consulting Nashville 118489-D2 12/31/2025
Aaron Hickson City of Gallatin Gallatin 132842-D2 12/31/2024
Chan Higgenbottom City of Memphis Memphis 137527-D2 12/31/2027
Andy Highlander Barge Design Solutions, Inc. Chattanooga 132159-D2 12/31/2022
Charles Highsmith Town of Jonesborough Jonesborough 132011-D2 12/31/2025
David Hilgeman USACE Memphis 141042-D2 12/31/2022
Tim Hill TDEC DWR Knoxville 133046-D2 12/31/2024
Steven Hill Powers Hill Design Memphis 123936-D2 12/31/2024
Denton Hill CDM Smith Lenoir City 131253-D2 12/31/2024
Joseph Hillard CDM Smith Knoxville 121268-D2 12/31/2024
Edward Hines City of Collegedale Collegedale 114964-D2 12/31/2024
Tripp Hise Dement Construction Company Jackson 130819-D2 12/31/2024
Chase Hively Ready Mix USA Knoxville 135550-D2 12/31/2021
Trenton Hodges Rogers Group Cookeville 145524-D2 12/31/2024
David Hodnett CITY OF FRANKLIN FRANKLIN 136728-D2 12/31/2027
Scott Hoekstra CNS Powell 122368-D2 12/31/2026
Jeff Hoilman Propex Operating Company, LLC Chattanooga 114062-D2 12/31/2022
Brian Holcombe M2 Group, LLC Franklin 138453-D2 12/31/2025
Lance Holdorf City of Spring Hill Spring Hill 148322-D2 12/31/2025
Troy Holland Clarksville Gas & Water Clarksville 144542-D2 12/31/2024
Jon Holland Nissan North America Smyrna 112266-D2 12/31/2022
George Holliday Shelby County Government Memphis 122739-D2 12/31/2024
Cory Hollinghead Asa Engineering & Consulting, Inc. Chattanooga 115403-D2 12/31/2025
Jonathan Hollingsworth J.S. Held Tampa 142949-D2 12/31/2025
Yvette Holmes City of Memphis Memphis 125300-D2 12/31/2027
Kassie Holmes CDM Smith Knoxville 124521-D2 12/31/2024
Joseph Holt Fish Trap Development Mascot 999 12/31/2021
Heather Holtz City of Memphis Memphis 130046-D2 12/31/2024
John Hood Campbell McRae & Associates Surveying Inc Nashville 131748-D2 12/31/2024
Bryan Hood Steve Williams Construction LLC Chattanooga 131475-D2 12/31/2024
Christopher Hooper City of Dickson Dickson 133882-D2 12/31/2025
Erich Hopf The Chazen Companies Nashville 141575-D2 12/31/2022
Loretta Hopper Town of Signal Mountain Signal Mountain 116757-D2 12/31/2024
Micah Hord CT Consultants Nashville 148949-D2 12/31/2026
John Horne City of Bartlett Bartlett 135216-D2 12/31/2025
Kyle Horner Horner Building Company Pigeon Forge 132013-D2 12/31/2025
Hayden Horton D.R. Horton Knoxville 141692-D2 12/31/2024
Kalee Hotchkiss Metro WaterServices-NPDES Division Nashville 139598-D2 12/31/2022
Jo House House Waste Solutions Nashville 121153-D2 12/31/2024
Jeffrey Houston City of Jefferson City Jefferson 139442-D2 12/31/2024
Thomas Howard Howard Engineering Maryville 117257-D2 12/31/2024
Doreen Howard Volkert & Associates Inc Chattanooga 112112-D2 12/31/2024
Joseph Howes CT Consultants Nashville 149595-D2 12/31/2026
David Hudson APAC Harrison Construction Knoxville 121264-D2 12/31/2024
Kacie Huffaker Robert G. Campbell & Associates Sevierville 133050-D2 12/31/2024
Mike Hughes Rutherford County Planning and Engineering Department Murfreesboro 113837-D2 12/31/2022
Shelby Humes TDOT DWR Nashville 146588-D2 12/31/2025
Michael Humphreys TTL, Inc. Nashville 139565-D2 12/31/2022
Michael Hunt Metro Water Services Storm Water Division Nashville 133278-D2 12/31/2024
Jason Hunt Cannon & Cannon Inc Knoxville 120736-D2 12/31/2024
Charles Hunt City of Mt Juliet Lebanon 142492-D2 12/31/2024
Shawn Hunter City Of White House TN White House 137438-D2 12/31/2025
Carolynn Huppmann Harrison Construction Co. Knoxville 138390-D2 12/31/2024
Michael Hutcherson March Adams and Assoc., Inc. Chattanooga 123220-D2 12/31/2024
Andrew Hutsell City of Chattanooga Engineering Chattanooga 118979-D2 12/31/2025
David Hutson EcoSampler Farragut 136303-D2 12/31/2024
Tim Hyde Greenrise Technologies Nashville 148312-D2 12/31/2026
Greg Ivins Ivins & Ivins Engineering Inc Knoxville 117246-D2 12/31/2024
Suzanne Jackson Barge Cauthen & Associates, Inc. Nashville 139568-D2 12/31/2024
Renee Jackson Metro Nashville Dept of Water & Sewer Nashville 119532-D2 12/31/2022
Dillan Jackson City of Lebanon Lebanon 139567-D2 12/31/2024
Aujuah Jackson City of White House White House 140129-D2 12/31/2024
Rachael Janda Hamilton County Government Chattanooga 143323-D2 12/31/2025
Enoch Jarrell Huddleston Steele Engineering LLC Murfreesboro 130321-D2 12/31/2024
Tyler Jeffrey Volkert Chattanooga 135506-D2 12/31/2021
Kenneth Jenkins Metro Water Service Nashville 144254-D2 12/31/2025
Joshua Jenkins Ready Mix USA Knoxville 139443-D2 12/31/2025
Chris Jenkins Qk4, Inc. Knoxville 132674-D2 12/31/2024
Ben Jenkins GRC Inc. Kingsport 135989-D2 12/31/2022
Sarah Jenson Bradley County Stormwater Cleveland 145569-D2 12/31/2024
Alex Jewell Workman Consulting LLC Clinton 145510-D2 12/31/2024
Denice Johns Metro Water Services Nashville 116034-D2 12/31/2024
Richard Johnson Aspect Environmental LLC 37219 149598-D2 12/31/2026
Joel Johnson Burr & Cole Consulting Engineers Inc Memphis 112637-D2 12/31/2025
Charlie Johnson Ragan Smith Associates Chattanooga 132162-D2 12/31/2021
Austin Johnson Robert G. Campbell & Associates Knoxville 146512-D2 12/31/2025
Alan Jolly Barge Design Solutions, Inc. Nashville 142067-D2 12/31/2024
Richard Jones RJ Consulting Engineering Gallatin 116495-D2 12/31/2024
Madelynne Jones Energy Land & Infrastructure Nashville 146781-D2 12/31/2025
Lumar Jones Metro Water nashville 144252-D2 12/31/2026
Laura Jones Ragan Smith Old Hickory 144104-D2 12/31/2027
Julie Jones Gamble Design Collaborative Franklin 140131-D2 12/31/2025
Jeremy Jones City of Johnson City Johnson City 135830-D2 12/31/2024
Andrew Jones TVA Red Bank 142214-D2 12/31/2027
Mark Jordan Jordan Environmental Associates Hendersonville 130175-D2 12/31/2021
Kelly Jordan KS Ware Nashville 131662-D2 12/31/2021
Cory Jorgensen Ardurra Knoxville 140982-D2 12/31/2025
Andrew Juba Collier Engineering Company Nashville 146518-D2 12/31/2025
Christian Juru TDOT Nashville 990102-D2 12/31/2024
Craig Karaszewski Nissan North America Smyrna 122318-D2 12/31/2022
Jaspuneet Kaur Farmer Morgan, LLC Pikeville 140133-D2 12/31/2024
Mark Kawczynski Mt Juliet 113407-D2 12/31/2022
Daniel Keaton James + Associates Nashville 137443-D2 12/31/2027
Corbin Keen City of Portland, TN Portland 144347-D2 12/31/2025
Nick Kellenberger Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc, Franklin 144097-D2 12/31/2026
Lynda Kelley Metro Nashville Water Services Nashville 124799-D2 12/31/2024
Logan Kelley LandTech knoxville 142217-D2 12/31/2024
Amy Kelley City of Oak Ridge Oak Ridge 135579-D2 12/31/2024
Michael Kelly Town of Collierville Collierville 139394-D2 12/31/2025
Todd Kemp Palmer Engineering Nashville 116454-D2 12/31/2024
Lee Kenderdine Civic Engineering & IT, Inc. Nashville 131663-D2 12/31/2024
Naullain Kendrick TDEC Columbia 124568-D2 12/31/2022
Lina Khoury Volkert.Inc Franklin 125423-D2 12/31/2024
Clyde Kidd BAE Systems Kingsport 131720-D2 12/31/2024
Philip Kincer Croy Engineering Chattanooga 143864-D2 12/31/2025
John Kinder City of Chattanooga - Moccasin Bend Wastewater Treatment Plant Chattanooga 119774-D2 12/31/2024
Mary King Barge Design Solutions, Inc. Knoxville 116121-D2 12/31/2024
John King Consolidated Technologies Inc Knoxville 119775-D2 12/31/2022
Daniel King Kimley-Horn and Associates Memphis 139396-D2 12/31/2024
Eric Kingsley Tennessee Property Consultants Knoxville 141245-D2 12/31/2022
Ken Kinnaman City of Chattanooga Engineering Chattanooga 134090-D2 12/31/2025
Randell Kirby RK&K Mt. Juliet 142497-D2 12/31/2024
Jennifer Kisner-Johnson City of Memphis Stormwater Memphis 125298-D2 12/31/2027
Stephanie Kissell TDOT Nashville 123651-D2 12/31/2024
Matthew Klein Civil & Environmental Consultants Franklin 137594-D2 12/31/2025
Geoffrey Klein GeoServices LLC Knoxville 145639-D2 12/31/2025
Abbi Klos Barge Design Solutions Nashville 146068-D2 12/31/2025
Brad Knepp Robert G. Campbell & Associates Knoxville 146467-D2 12/31/2025
Benjamin Knickerbocker Energy, Land, and Infrastructure Nashville 147238-D2 12/31/2025
Jody Knox Waste Management Inc Camden 131810-D2 12/31/2025
Jeffrey Koehn ARCADIS Cincinnati 123940-D2 12/31/2024
Adam Kohntopp Cannon and Cannon, Inc. Knoxville 137815-D2 12/31/2026
Chris Konow H W Lochner Cookeville 112794-D2 12/31/2024
Patrick Kontovich City of Knoxville Knoxville 124364-D2 12/31/2025
James Koontz Brabston Trucking Knoxville 115009-D2 12/31/2024
Phillip Krause Madison 137448-D2 12/31/2026
Leo LaCamera Knox County Engineering & Public Works Knoxville 133059-D2 12/31/2022
James Lambert TTL Nashville 139571-D2 12/31/2024
Casey Lambert City of Bristol Tennessee Bristol 140984-D2 12/31/2022
Shalyn Landes Stantec Rossville 149894-D2 12/31/2026
Jeremy Lane Dyer & Associates, LLC Richmond 144018-D2 12/31/2025
Jeremy Langford Wiser Consultants, LLC Murfreesboro 144047-D2 12/31/2024
Natalie Lankford TDEC DWR Chattanooga 124534-D2 12/31/2025
Tom Lawrence TLE, PLLC. Memphis 112657-D2 12/31/2025
Wade Lawson Lawson Engineering and Consulting Inc Arlington 131007-D2 12/31/2025
Gerald Lawson Lawson Engineering and Consulting Inc Arlington 131008-D2 12/31/2022
John Lay TDEC DWR Jackson 142500-D2 12/31/2025
Kyler Layne Farmer Morgan, LLC Pikeville 143439-D2 12/31/2024
Todd Leamon Hamilton County Public Works Administration Chattanooga 120437-D2 12/31/2026
Patrick Leap RK&K Hermitage 123315-D2 12/31/2022
John Leath GreenLID Design, LLC Gallatin 116507-D2 12/31/2025
Daniel Leckie Pond & Company Peachtree Corners 125214-D2 12/31/2024
Benjamin Ledsinger Smith, Seckman, Reid Memphis 136194-D2 12/31/2022
Brian Lee Palmer Engineering Nashville 116455-D2 12/31/2024
Adam Leftwich D & L Surveying, LLC Richmond 132607-D2 12/31/2024
Michael Letson Paulson Mitchell, Inc Roswell 133462-D2 12/31/2024
Karna Levitt City of Chattanooga Chattanooga 133417-D2 12/31/2024
James Lewis LandTech Engineering & Surveying Knoxville 125448-D2 12/31/2024
Aaron Lewis TREKK Design Group Memphis -D2 12/31/2022
Amber Liepse HDR Brentwood 141581-D2 12/31/2025
L. Lindsey Doe Mountain Recreation Area Authority Mountain City 146192-D2 12/31/2025
Chad Littleton Talley Construction Rossville 137597-D2 12/31/2024
Jordan Livesay CNS Y-12 Oak Ridge 143440-D2 12/31/2024
Ryan Livesey Land Development Solutions Knoxville 145415-D2 12/31/2024
Alexa Livingston Civil & Environmental Consults Knoxville 144694-D2 12/31/2024
Steve Lomax TDEC DWR Columbia 124569-D2 12/31/2022
Kevin Long City of Franklin, TN Franklin 133134-D2 12/31/2025
Mark Longfellow University of Memphis Memphis 140636-D2 12/31/2025
Robert Looney Sullivan County Planning & Codes Dept Blountville 138297-D2 12/31/2024
Jared Looney Third Rock Consultants Lexington 146379-D2 12/31/2025
Jennifer Losurdo Genesis Engineering Collaborative Suwanee 143331-D2 12/31/2025
Ashli Lotz CEC, Inc. Knoxville 142229-D2 12/31/2024
Robin Lovett Gresham Smith & Partners Nashville 131387-D2 12/31/2022
Evan Low Metro Water Services Nashville 145315-D2 12/31/2024
Shelley Lowe Barge Cauthen & Associates, Inc. Nashville 116490-D2 12/31/2025
Rush Luhowiak Black Creek Chattanooga 145774-D2 12/31/2024
Jose Luna Wiser Consultants Murfreesboro 901337-D2 12/31/2024
Jay Luna HEVI Construction Oxford 137676-D2 12/31/2024
Caleb Luthringer Energy Land & Infrastructure, LLC. Murfreesboro 146474-D2 12/31/2025
Kyle Lynch TWM, Inc. Swansea 149028-D2 12/31/2025
Eric Lynn CW Matthews Construction Company Marietta 133370-D2 12/31/2024
Jacob Mabrey Civil and Environmental Consulatants (CEC) Franklin 142506-D2 12/31/2024
Anna Maddox Barge Cauthen & Associates, Inc. Nashville 116047-D2 12/31/2025
Jittapong Malasri Malasri Engineering Memphis 120946-D2 12/31/2024
Isaiah Manfredi City of White House-Stormwater White House 139127-D2 12/31/2025
Randy Mann TDOT Jackson 900674-D2 12/31/2027
Jason Mann GEOServices, LLC Knoxville 116857-D2 12/31/2024
Philip Marcum Wood PLC Kennesaw 139158-D2 12/31/2024
David Marcum City of Alcoa Maryville 116142-D2 12/31/2024
Joseph Marlo City of Franklin Franklin 131099-D2 12/31/2025
Paisley Marotta Metro Water Services Nashville 133895-D2 12/31/2025
Shawn Marshall Town of Jonesborough jonesborough 149820-D2 12/31/2026
Jonathan Marston City of Franklin Franklin 132390-D2 12/31/2024
Will Martin TVA Chattanooga 124177-D2 12/31/2024
Charles Martin WQEC of TN Nashville 145317-D2 12/31/2026
Cara Martin Pickering Firm, Inc. Little Rock 132576-D2 12/31/2024
Mary Beth Masi CDM Smith Knoxville 121292-D2 12/31/2024
Chris Masin Shelby County Memphis 113935-D2 12/31/2024
Robert Mason none Knoxville 136879-D2 12/31/2026
Anna Massey Anna's Environmental Services Chattanooga 131485-D2 12/31/2024
Jean Matthews Water Quality & Erosion Control of Tennessee Nashville 116477-D2 12/31/2024
McKenzie Matthews Munasque RK&K Seveirville 139262-D2 12/31/2024
Jason Mayo Memphis Light Gas and Water Memphis 132578-D2 12/31/2024
Blake Mayo City of Cookeville Public Works Cookeville 138466-D2 12/31/2025
Alicia McAuley Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union Knoxville 133065-D2 12/31/2024
John McCarty McCarty Granberry Engineering Colliervillle 115907-D2 12/31/2024
Rick McClanahan City of Bartlett Bartlett 117537-D2 12/31/2022
David McClatchey Wiser Consultants Murfreesboro 135999-D2 12/31/2024
Jeff McCormick City of Goodlettsville Goodlettsville 122005-D2 12/31/2025
Jared McCoy TDOT Region 4 Jackson 116460-D2 12/31/2024
Justin McDade WSP Nashville 144618-D2 12/31/2025
William McDonald LJA Engineering, Inc. Chattanooga 112396-D2 12/31/2024
Andrew McElhenny Hethcoat And Davis, Inc Brentwood 133295-D2 12/31/2024
Jeffrey McElroy Gresham Smith Knoxville 132723-D2 12/31/2025
Michael McGhee McGhee Engineering, Inc. Guthrie 132274-D2 12/31/2024
Edward McHugh Knoxville 121278-D2 12/31/2024
John McIntosh TN Army National Guard Nashville 132275-D2 12/31/2025
Joshua McKinney City of Gatlinburg Gatlinburg 143447-D2 12/31/2025
William McNaney R.E. Lamb, Inc. Norristown 140697-D2 12/31/2024
Patricia McNeese City of Franklin Franklin 124306-D2 12/31/2022
Michael McTigue Batson, Himes, Norvell & Poe Knoxville 131722-D2 12/31/2025
William Meagher LJA Chattanooga 119939-D2 12/31/2022
Harold Mears Blount County Development Maryville 145679-D2 12/31/2026
Kaden Measles Farmer-Morgan, LLC Pikeville 143449-D2 12/31/2024
E.Scott Medlin TDOT Region 2 Chattanooga 130621-D2 12/31/2024
Van Medlock Rogers Group Inc Nashville 131395-D2 12/31/2024
Joe Melton TVA Look Out 131751-D2 12/31/2024
Jeremy Melton Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. Knoxville 146681-D2 12/31/2025
Krista Menietto BH&M Environmental Consultants, Inc. Memphis 146936-D2 12/31/2025
Jeff Merryman WSP Knoxville 137202-D2 12/31/2025
William Methvin CEC, Inc. Franklin 132856-D2 12/31/2025
Lauren Miles TDOT Nashville 901252-D2 12/31/2024
Jason Miles Lose and Associates Nashville 131804-D2 12/31/2022
William Miller carter county Elizabethton 148701-D2 12/31/2026
DeLayne Miller Tennessee Tech University Cookeville 133300-D2 12/31/2022
Alton Miller USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Nashville 131688-D2 12/31/2024
Timothy Milling Baker's Construction Services, Inc. Bluff City 132955-D2 12/31/2022
Bryan Mills City of Oak Ridge Public Works Oak Ridge 125094-D2 12/31/2025
Benjamin Mitchell Barge Design Solutions, Inc. Nashville 144804-D2 12/31/2024
Darren Mittermeier Metro Water Nashville Nashville 149379-D2 12/31/2026
Walton Mitts Volkert, Inc. Franklin 142519-D2 12/31/2024
Roderick Mohler BAE Systems Kingsport 140030-D2 12/31/2024
Alejandro Mojica Morley Nashville 146965-D2 12/31/2025
Kevin Monroe Metro Water Services Bethpage 121727-D2 12/31/2022
Nisha Monteiro WSP USA Nashville 145577-D2 12/31/2025
Paul Montgomery City of Cleveland Stormwater Division Cleveland 145112-D2 12/31/2025
Tony Montiel STV, Inc. Franklin 136001-D2 12/31/2027
John Moody BAE Systems Kingsport 124773-D2 12/31/2024
Jennifer Moore Thompson & Litton, Inc. Bristol 138300-D2 12/31/2024
James Moore CTI Engineers Nashville 117128-D2 12/31/2025
Gabriel Moore Metro Water Services Nashville 121662-D2 12/31/2021
Ellen Moore City of Franklin Franklin 133902-D2 12/31/2025
David Moore RK&K Bristol 141711-D2 12/31/2024
Clayton Moore City of Springfield Springfield 144805-D2 12/31/2027
Brian Moore II Carlson Consulting Engineers Bartlett 130754-D2 12/31/2024
Russell Moorehead Croy Engineering, LLC Chattanooga 131516-D2 12/31/2024
Ann Morbitt TDEC DWR Nashville 141592-D2 12/31/2025
Jason Morelock Morelock Engineering, LLC Nolensville 115991-D2 12/31/2025
M. Morris Ragan-Smith Associates, Inc. Nashville 141595-D2 12/31/2022
Kenneth Morris City of Springfield Springfield 144807-D2 12/31/2024
Greg Morris Ensafe Knoxville 131724-D2 12/31/2024
Helen Morrison City of Hendersonville: Public Works Hendersonville 134493-D2 12/31/2025
Bert Morton CEC Franklin 131665-D2 12/31/2024
Cecily Moses Memphis Light Gas and Water Memphis 132580-D2 12/31/2024
Mark Mosley Farmer | Morgan Pikeville 149631-D2 12/31/2026
Jason Moss City of Union City Union City 141593-D2 12/31/2024
Arsenio Moulden Sr. TDOT Nashville 145728-D2 12/31/2024
Brent Moye Land Engineering And Development Fayetteville 134494-D2 12/31/2025
Ross Muirhead Cornette Engineering Services USA, LLC FRANKLIN 134495-D2 12/31/2022
Caleb Murnane City of Paris Paris 148414-D2 12/31/2025
William Murph TDEC DWR Nashville 135403-D2 12/31/2025
Lindsay Murray Pickering Firm, Inc Memphis 144928-D2 12/31/2024
Larkin Myers Tioga Environmental Consultants Memphis 124945-D2 12/31/2025
Anthony Myers TDOT Hq Nashville 118493-D2 12/31/2024
Houston Neal Palmer Engineering Company Nashville 139587-D2 12/31/2025
Matlyn Neely City of Lebanon Lebanon 144057-D2 12/31/2024
Edwin Neely Neely Engineering & Contracting, LLC Clarksville 143875-D2 12/31/2024
Corey Nelsen 615 Design Group Smyrna 143344-D2 12/31/2024
Steve Nelson Thompson Engineering Chattanooga 131515-D2 12/31/2024
Caleb Nelson TDEC DSWM Columbia 121024-D2 12/31/2025
David Netherland LDA Engineering Nashville 139589-D2 12/31/2024
Alexis Nevarez Triad Environmental Consultants Mount Juliet 146807-D2 12/31/2025
Cole Newton T-Square Engineering Nashville 131890-D2 12/31/2022
Kevin Niblock Malasri Engineering Memphis 143961-D2 12/31/2024
Ben Nicholas Gresham Smith Knoxville 144720-D2 12/31/2021
David Nicholson Civil Engineering and Surveying, LLC Cookeville 117565-D2 12/31/2024
Doug Noonan City of Franklin Franklin 131666-D2 12/31/2027
Todd North UT-Battelle, LLC Oak Ridge 131274-D2 12/31/2024
Russell Norville Civil Engineering Solutions LLC Dyersburg 131595-D2 12/31/2024
Chad Oaks Cannon & Cannon, Inc. Knoxville 139265-D2 12/31/2026
Sandra O'Connor City of Chattanooga, DRC Chattanooga 135510-D2 12/31/2022
Ross Ogle Smoky Mountain Treeworks Pigeon Forge 136890-D2 12/31/2027
Alan Ogle City of Chattanooga Chattanooga 131754-D2 12/31/2024
Katie O'Neill CSR Engineering Pleasant View 145390-D2 12/31/2024
Hayden Orr MNAA Nashville 131206-D2 12/31/2024
Steve Owens TDEC DWR Bartlett 121409-D2 12/31/2022
Bradley Owens City of Kingsport Kingsport 141715-D2 12/31/2022
Tiffany Pace Metro Water Services Nashville 115583-D2 12/31/2026
Brandon Pachol City of Johnson City Johnson City 132732-D2 12/31/2022
Karen Padgett City of Chattanooga Chattanooga 124382-D2 12/31/2024
John Pankey Fisher & Arnold Inc Memphis 117944-D2 12/31/2024
Zane Pannell City of Brentwood Brentwood 146081-D2 12/31/2025
Michael Papiernik CDM Smith Nashville 148348-D2 12/31/2026
Samuel Parish BDY Environmental Nashville 114238-D2 12/31/2024
Nicholas Parks Williamson County Engineering Franklin 147050-D2 12/31/2026
Joseph Parks March Adams and Assoc., Inc. Chattanooga 131755-D2 12/31/2024
Allison Partin Department of Army Fort Campbell 148986-D2 12/31/2025
Franklin Parton Jacobs Engineering Group Oak Ridge 136895-D2 12/31/2025
Jan Pass Stantec Consulting Services Inc. Chattanooga 130073-D2 12/31/2025
Ryan Patterson St. John Engineering, LLC Manchester 142092-D2 12/31/2025
Kaitlyn Patterson Batson, Himes, Norvell & Poe Knoxville 139270-D2 12/31/2025
Jim Patterson St John Engineering LLC Manchester 131404-D2 12/31/2024
Jason Patterson Cannon & Cannon Inc Knoxville 121322-D2 12/31/2026
Thomas Patton Tysinger, Hampton and Partners, Inc Johnson City 120877-D2 12/31/2024
Brown Patton TDEC DWR Johnson City 133628-D2 12/31/2027
Logan Pederson University of Tennessee Knoxville 141717-D2 12/31/2022
Owen Penn CSR Engineering Pleasant View 144264-D2 12/31/2024
Chad Pennington SITEWORKS, LLC Nashville 139597-D2 12/31/2022
Ryan Pensel Randy Kinder Excavating Dexter 131941-D2 12/31/2024
Brittani Perez City of Franklin Franklin 134586-D2 12/31/2025
Kenneth Perkins Alfred Benesch Franklin 124347-D2 12/31/2024
Jonathan Perkins Olympia Design-Build, Inc. Albertville 131725-D2 12/31/2026
Randy Perry Goodwyn, Mills, Cawood Nashville 115990-D2 12/31/2024
Lawrence Perry City of Johnson City Johnson City 130949-D2 12/31/2025
Jon Perry Civil &Environmental Consultants, Inc. Franklin 121691-D2 12/31/2025
Kyle Peters Rawso Constructors Murfreesboro 133909-D2 12/31/2024
Branden Peterson Croy Engineering Chattanooga 142646-D2 12/31/2025
Anna Peterson KUB Knoxville 146216-D2 12/31/2025
John Petty TDEC DWR Cookeville 136762-D2 12/31/2024
Joe Phillips Sumner County Development Services Gallatin 141607-D2 12/31/2025
Ryan Philpott TDOT Jackson 121631-D2 12/31/2024
Ryan Piatt Tennessee Erosion Control, INC Nashville 125247-D2 12/31/2025
Randall Pierce Barge Design Solutions, Inc. Nashville 145050-D2 12/31/2024
Eric Pierce Tullahoma Public Works Tullahoma 113190-D2 12/31/2024
Callan Pierson TVA Signal Mountain 135512-D2 12/31/2024
Michael Pigg Barge Design Solutions, Inc Nashville 136764-D2 12/31/2026
Wm Pinkley Buchart Horn Inc Memphis 121767-D2 12/31/2024
William Pinson H+M Architects/Engineers Jackson 132582-D2 12/31/2025
Martin Pleasant Knox County Engineering & Public Works Knoxville 112347-D2 12/31/2024
Kristy Plummer RS&H Abingdon 136011-D2 12/31/2022
Hayden Plyler Ft. Campbell Directorate of Public Works Clarksville 143354-D2 12/31/2024
Mathieu Poag Mid TN Constructors, Inc. Columbia 144279-D2 12/31/2025
Justin Pope Trestles LLC Goodlettsville 130350-D2 12/31/2024
MATTHEW PORTER JMT Knoxville 143455-D2 12/31/2024
Henry Porter W.H. Porter Consultants, PLLC Memphis 115076-D2 12/31/2025
Nicholas Powell Montgomery County Government Clarksville 137133-D2 12/31/2025
James Prentice OHM Nashville 133308-D2 12/31/2025
Nathan Presmyk GarzaEMC Nashville 138250-D2 12/31/2026
Michael Price MAP Engineers, LLC Chattanooga 131690-D2 12/31/2027
Bryan Price City of Portland Portalnd 136013-D2 12/31/2022
William Pruitte City of Lebanon, TN Lebanon 134828-D2 12/31/2027
Joshua Prysant CONSOR Engineers Nashville 146384-D2 12/31/2026
Jeremy Puckett Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. Sevierville 134574-D2 12/31/2022
Amanda Purkey Knox County Engineering & Public Works Knoxville 122466-D2 12/31/2025
Faraedoon Qaladize City of Memphis Memphis 130994-D2 12/31/2025
Russell Rackley Rackley Engineering Knoxville 117484-D2 12/31/2024
Brian Ralstin Alfred Benesch and Co Franklin 136014-D2 12/31/2021
Frankie Ramos-Castillo Knox County Construction Services Knoxville 131770-D2 12/31/2024
Mark Randall Sain Associates Pulaski 120903-D2 12/31/2024
Charles Rann Edison Engineering Group Dallas 146820-D2 12/31/2025
Christopher Rapp City of Hendersonville Springfield 139920-D2 12/31/2025
David Rast TTL, Inc Nashville 131601-D2 12/31/2024
Robert Ray AECOM Hyrum 131942-D2 12/31/2025
James Ray Metro Water Services Nashville 148991-D2 12/31/2025
Howard Ray Hughes-Ray Company, Inc. Douglasville 123639-D2 12/31/2024
Logan Reed Ragan-Smith Associates Nashville 136016-D2 12/31/2025
Justin Rehagen Volkswagen Group of America Chattanooga 134616-D2 12/31/2024
Clay Reichert Jacob and Hefner Suwanee 145131-D2 12/31/2024
Brian Reifschneider City of Gallatin Gallatin 132866-D2 12/31/2024
John Reigard Drasi Construction Company LLC Hermitage 133916-D2 12/31/2024
Grant Reigard Drasi Construction Hermitage 145417-D2 12/31/2024
Yousef Rghebi southland engineering consultants llc. Knoxville 145789-D2 12/31/2025
Terry Rhea SSR Nashville 141612-D2 12/31/2026
Chester Rhodes Rhodes Engineering & Environmental Services LLC Columbua 143491-D2 12/31/2022
Kelli Richardson Brown Bros., Inc. East Ridge 120313-D2 12/31/2026
Joshua Richardson Pavement Restorations Incorporated Milan 143364-D2 12/31/2025
Jordan Richardson Robert G Campbell & Assoc Knoxville 134588-D2 12/31/2025
Jeremy Richerson TTL Inc Nashville 141614-D2 12/31/2024
Caitlin Richey Mid-TN Erosion & Sediment Control Brentwood 137649-D2 12/31/2024
Pamela Riddick-Carroll City of Memphis Memphis 137030-D2 12/31/2027
Hannah Riether TDEC DWR Nashville 137478-D2 12/31/2026
Darren Roan S&ME inc. Knoxville 139460-D2 12/31/2024
Rick Roark City of Gallatin, TN Gallatin 145076-D2 12/31/2025
Patrick Robbins City of Lebanon, TN Lebanon 145085-D2 12/31/2025
Bryer Roberson Farmer Morgan, LLC Pikeville 148560-D2 12/31/2025
David Rock City of Johnson City Piney Flats 130952-D2 12/31/2022
Michael Rodgers RK&K Chattanooga 130633-D2 12/31/2025
Terry Romans Romans Engineering Knoxville 131790-D2 12/31/2025
David Roos Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. Franklin 141618-D2 12/31/2026
Tom Rose Town of Smyrna Smyrna 133161-D2 12/31/2025
Michael Rose KUB Knoxville 118113-D2 12/31/2024
Daniel Rose Nissan North America Smyrna 142537-D2 12/31/2025
Barbara Rosensteel Baxter 131789-D2 12/31/2024
Mark Ross C2RL Alcoa 118430-D2 12/31/2024
Sean Rouleau Corradino Nashville 138173-D2 12/31/2024
Chuck Rowan City of Maryville Maryville 113672-D2 12/31/2021
Zech Rowley L.I. Smith and Associates Nashville 145553-D2 12/31/2025
Paul Roy Environment & Archaeology Old Fort 131509-D2 12/31/2024
Stan Rudzinski Clinchfield Consulting Group Mount Juliet 131419-D2 12/31/2025
Gregory Russell TDOT Region 2 Chattanooga 131757-D2 12/31/2021
Charles Russell Barge Design Solutions, Inc. Knoxville 137847-D2 12/31/2024
Brandin Ruth TVA Knoxville 131279-D2 12/31/2024
Lori Saal Town of Farragut Farragut 124968-D2 12/31/2025
William Sain Energy Land & Infrastructure Manchester 134105-D2 12/31/2024
Brandon Salas City of Spring Hill Spring Hill 148358-D2 12/31/2026
Eric Salmon Clarksville Street Department Clarksville 141274-D2 12/31/2025
Antonio Salonga Martin Engineering & Surveying, LLC Nashville 113493-D2 12/31/2024
John Saltanovitz KCI Technologies Nashville 141815-D2 12/31/2024
Andrew Sanders Griggs and Maloney, Inc. Murfreesboro 139928-D2 12/31/2025
Devinder Sandhu Sandhu Consultants International, LLC Nashville 130359-D2 12/31/2025
Regina Santana City of Lebanon Lebanon 130360-D2 12/31/2024
Jason Santana Barge Design Solutions, Inc. NASHVILLE 145093-D2 12/31/2024
Monica Sartain Power Consulting Associates, LLC Nashville 134528-D2 12/31/2022
Matthew Sayne Chattanooga 136771-D2 12/31/2024
Jimmy Scales TDOT Murfreesboro 901241-D2 12/31/2022
Joshua Scheenstra OHM Advisors Nashville 140178-D2 12/31/2024
Gregory Scheirer Silicon Ranch Corporation Nashville 147075-D2 12/31/2025
Philip Schofield CTI Engineers Chattanooga 123241-D2 12/31/2024
Madison Schricker CSR Engineering Pleasant View 144235-D2 12/31/2024
Ryan Schroering Asa Engineering & Consulting, Inc. Chattanooga 137646-D2 12/31/2024
Chris Schuettler Carter County Planning & Zoning Elizabethton 112918-D2 12/31/2026
Frank Schuler POWER Engineers, Inc. Cincinnati 134669-D2 12/31/2022
Michael Schwab Tetra Tech Oklahoma City 140179-D2 12/31/2024
Michael Scott Williamson County Government Franklin 117543-D2 12/31/2024
James Scott Mid South Engineering Consultants LLC Collierville 130850-D2 12/31/2024
Robert Scruggs Palmer Engineering Nashville 145576-D2 12/31/2025
Samantha Searcy Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. Franklin 133099-D2 12/31/2024
Timothy Seaton City of Johnson City Johnson City 116811-D2 12/31/2022
Pete Shack Phoenix Environmental Engineers Inc Nashville 130364-D2 12/31/2024
Logan Shade Dyer & Associates, LLC Bowling Green 141730-D2 12/31/2022
Mark Shaver Montgomery County Building & Codes Clarksville 143884-D2 12/31/2024
Jeffrey Shaver Civil & Environmental Consultants Franklin 119821-D2 12/31/2025
Terry Shaw Terry Shaw PE Lancaster 130078-D2 12/31/2024
Cindy Shell City of Chattanooga Chattanooga 121335-D2 12/31/2022
Lauren Shibakov Lauren Engineering Services Cookeville 130690-D2 12/31/2024
Cody Shields TRC Engineers Inc Memphis 123368-D2 12/31/2024
Mary Showers TDOT Nashville 990103-D2 12/31/2024
Stephen Shults CNS Y-12, LLC Oak Ridge 143464-D2 12/31/2026
Claire Sichko Arcadis Nashville 133180-D2 12/31/2024
Nathan Silvus Silvus Engineering Consulting Knoxville 131786-D2 12/31/2022
Shawn Simpson WQEC of TN Nashville 125242-D2 12/31/2025
Ian Simpson TNWRRC Knoxville 149447-D2 12/31/2026
Bradley Simpson Barge Design Solutions, Inc. Nashville 117511-D2 12/31/2024
Raina Singleton Woodard & Curran Duluth 137854-D2 12/31/2027
kamakshi sistla sai Clarksville 137486-D2 12/31/2027
Jason Siverling Robert G Campbell & Associates Knoxville 132710-D2 12/31/2025
Katie Slezak RaganSmith Nashville 147231-D2 12/31/2025
Justin Sliger Rogers Group Cookeville 145064-D2 12/31/2024
Trent Smith Southern Consulting Dickson 133329-D2 12/31/2024
Traci Smith TDOT 14889-D2 12/31/2025
T. Smith Water Quality & Erosion Control of Tennessee Nashville 119961-D2 12/31/2024
Matt Smith Gresham Smith nashville 120977-D2 12/31/2027
Kaleb Smith BMcD Ashland City 147069-D2 12/31/2025
John Smith Water & Wastewater Authority of Wilson Co. Lebanon 133333-D2 12/31/2024
James Smith Fulghum Macindoe & Associates Inc Knoxville 131732-D2 12/31/2024
James Smith Crunk Engineering Murfreesboro 146887-D2 12/31/2025
Frank (Tripp) Smith S+H Group, LLC Nashville 112283-D2 12/31/2021
Daniel Smith West Wilson Utility District Mt. Juliet 130691-D2 12/31/2024
D Smith Mattern & Craig, Inc. Johnson City 141006-D2 12/31/2025
Buddy Smith Groundscape Concepts, LLC Chattanooga 119959-D2 12/31/2024
D. Jason Snapp Mattern and Craig Kingsport 124115-D2 12/31/2024
Bristol Snider City of Franklin Stormwater Franklin 139616-D2 12/31/2027
Shane Snoderly City of Alcoa Alcoa 124103-D2 12/31/2024
Anthony Snyder Snyder Engineering PLLC Nashville 131781-D2 12/31/2025
Lynn Solesbee Bluewater Civil Design, LLC Greenville 112952-D2 12/31/2024
Lucero Solis KIMLEY-HORN MEMPHIS 145278-D2 12/31/2024
Thomas Sommers CEI Services, Inc. Sparta 113840-D2 12/31/2024
Clive Sorhaindo S&ME, Inc. Knoxville 123845-D2 12/31/2024
Ariel Soriano City of Chattanooga - Land Development Office Chattanooga 141008-D2 12/31/2022
Brandon Southerland WQECTN Nashville 139363-D2 12/31/2025
Monica Sowders Metro Nashville DOT Nashville 149010-D2 12/31/2025
Anthony Spallone Passpointe Engineering Chattanooga 140710-D2 12/31/2022
Seth Sparkman Barge Civil Associates, LLC Nashville 116602-D2 12/31/2026
David Sparks Cannon & Cannon, Inc. Knoxville 124732-D2 12/31/2025
Jonathan Spear Water Management Services Nashville 146098-D2 12/31/2025
Jennifer Speich Land Solutions Company, LLC Nashville 131627-D2 12/31/2026
Hunter Staggs Montgomery County Clarksville 144244-D2 12/31/2024
Will Stallard City of Kingsport - Water Services Division Kingsport 145802-D2 12/31/2024
Jill Stanko Fisher & Arnold, Inc. Memphis 136169-D2 12/31/2027
Wes Stanton Gresham Smith & Partners Nashville 124807-D2 12/31/2027
J. Stein CTI Engineers Chattanooga 113175-D2 12/31/2024
Matt Stennett Middle Tennessee Natural Gas Smithville 131074-D2 12/31/2025
Ryan Stephens City of Cleveland Cleveland 130198-D2 12/31/2027
Robbie Stephens TDOT Nashville 131658-D2 12/31/2025
Michael Stephens City of Spring Hill Spring Hill 134822-D2 12/31/2024
Jeffrey Stevens Collier Engineering Co., Inc. Nashville 130367-D2 12/31/2027
Dominic Stewart TLM Associates, Inc. Jackson 141285-D2 12/31/2025
Elizabeth Stienstraw Metro Water Services/ NPDES Division Nashville 139620-D2 12/31/2022
Shap Stiles Gresham Smith Knoxville 122284-D2 12/31/2025
Bret Stock CITY OF DICKSON Dickson 125043-D2 12/31/2024
Andrew Stokes Civil & Environmental Consultants 37067 139621-D2 12/31/2025
Jennifer Stone Thompson Engineering Knoxville 131733-D2 12/31/2022
Dominic Stone TTL, Inc. Clarksville 132298-D2 12/31/2024
Adam Stone City of Chattanooga - Land Development Office Chattanooga 123223-D2 12/31/2024
Roy Stone III Land Solutions Compay, LLC Nashville 143376-D2 12/31/2024
Jonathan Stratton Jacobs Engineering Group CHATTANOOGA 142660-D2 12/31/2022
Robin Strickland Water Management Services Nashville 122712-D2 12/31/2024
Lance Stripling The Westervelt Company Tuscaloosa 138406-D2 12/31/2024
Terry Stroud Madison County Jackson 112135-D2 12/31/2022
Christopher Strupp OHM Advisors Nashville 136027-D2 12/31/2026
James Studer Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions Kennesaw 140713-D2 12/31/2022
Lucas Sullivan Neel-Schaffer, Inc. Murfreesboro 133326-D2 12/31/2026
Evan Summerville City of Franklin Franklin 139178-D2 12/31/2022
Chester Sutherland TDOT Region 2 Chattanooga 133434-D2 12/31/2024
Michael Swanger TDEC DWR Knoxville 145803-D2 12/31/2026
Ben Swanner CEC Knoxville 133087-D2 12/31/2026
Don Tabor CTI Chattanooga 119776-D2 12/31/2024
Josh Tanner C2RL, Inc. Engineers Alcoa 134581-D2 12/31/2024
C. Raymond Tant Shield Engineering Inc Knoxville 120167-D2 12/31/2024
Michael Tapp Wiser Consultants, LLC Murfreesboro 117044-D2 12/31/2024
Jonathan Tapp BH&M Environmental Consultants, Inc. Memphis 146925-D2 12/31/2025
Greg Tarbutton Randy Kinder Excavating Dexter 138265-D2 12/31/2024
Travron Taylor Energy Land & Infrastructure Murfreesboro 144287-D2 12/31/2024
Nate Taylor MLGW Memphis 132129-D2 12/31/2024
Kristen Taylor TDOT Nashville 124789-D2 12/31/2025
Channing Taylor Ford Construction Company Dyersburg 124223-D2 12/31/2025
Brandon Taylor SSR Inc. Memphis 134676-D2 12/31/2025
Trevor Teague L. I. Smith & Associates, Inc. Paris 142118-D2 12/31/2024
Justin Teague Ensafe Knoxville 114343-D2 12/31/2025
Aaron Thomas MWS/Operations Madison 133936-D2 12/31/2022
Jared Thompson City of Lebanon Stormwater Department Lebanon 145651-D2 12/31/2025
Christian Thompson Metro Water Services Hendersonville 125108-D2 12/31/2022
Tim Thomson ATC Group Services LLC Murfreesboro 143383-D2 12/31/2024
George Thornsbury TDEC DSW Johnson City 137866-D2 12/31/2026
Joseph Thornton Civil and Environmental Consultants Franklin 146838-D2 12/31/2025
Casey Thyen Civil & Environmental Consultants Franklin 146839-D2 12/31/2026
Josh Tidwell PCA Counce 122342-D2 12/31/2024
Sydney Tittle Metro Water Services Nashville 143384-D2 12/31/2024
Douglas Toney City of Columbia Tennessee Columbia 132529-D2 12/31/2024
Nicholas Tovar Southern Environmental Technologies Sewanee 131497-D2 12/31/2025
Garrett Tucker Robert G Campbell & Associates Knoxville 132699-D2 12/31/2025
Robert Tuggle Warren and Tuggle Civil Engineering Lebanon 125404-D2 12/31/2027
Bo Tumurere ABES Engineering Memphis 145534-D2 12/31/2024
Emmanuel Tuombe ABES Engineering, Inc Memphis 141070-D2 12/31/2022
Matthew Turner TAP mt pleasant 141294-D2 12/31/2024
David Turner TTL, Inc. Nashville 141293-D2 12/31/2022
Cole Turner Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. Franklin 146840-D2 12/31/2025
Alison Turner GTE Gallatin 120286-D2 12/31/2024
Jeffry Turnmire Applied Engineering and Management Corp Knoxville 114355-D2 12/31/2024
J. Turnmire Applied Engineering and Management Corp Knoxville 114354-D2 12/31/2024
Nick Tuttle City of Gallatin Gallatin 117804-D2 12/31/2024
John Uhl Stantec Louisville 133083-D2 12/31/2026
Michael Underwood KCI Technologies Nashville 124063-D2 12/31/2027
Caelum Utley OHM Advisors Nashville 145476-D2 12/31/2025
Ron Vail Santek Waste Services Cleveland 124175-D2 12/31/2025
Jacob Van Buer Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. Franklin 139632-D2 12/31/2025
Ian Varney Barge Design Solutions Nashville 149757-D2 12/31/2026
Nichole Vaughn Jarrett Builders Inc Cookeville 130699-D2 12/31/2026
Ryan Vernich McGill Associates Knoxville 134583-D2 12/31/2022
Gerald Vick WES Engineers and Surveyors Columbia 131657-D2 12/31/2022
Gregory Vincent TVA Knoxville 130495-D2 12/31/2027
James Wade Parsons Memphis 130973-D2 12/31/2025
Lance Wagner City of Gallatin Gallatin 119777-D2 12/31/2024
Claire Wainwright TDEC DWR Nashville 145636-D2 12/31/2025
Dana Waits WSP Brentwood 138492-D2 12/31/2024
Dustin Walcott City of Franklin Franklin 149682-D2 12/31/2026
Michael Walrond II City of Goodlettsville Goodlettsville 144188-D2 12/31/2025
Colleen Walsh City of Chattanooga Waste Resourses Division Chattanooga 140716-D2 12/31/2024
Daniel Walton Barge Design Solutions Nashville 114218-D2 12/31/2022
David Warchol Tosh Farms Henry 142130-D2 12/31/2022
Adrian Ward Barge Design Solutions, Inc. Nashville 118945-D2 12/31/2024
Angela Warden Angela Warden Consulting, LLC Nashville 117473-D2 12/31/2024
Abigail Ware Barge Design Solutions, Inc. Nashville 137631-D2 12/31/2024
Tommy Warren Robert G. Campbell & Associates Knoxville 145807-D2 12/31/2025
Crystal Warren TDEC DWR Bartlett 122324-D2 12/31/2021
Andrew Warren Barge Design Solutions Knoxville 149215-D2 12/31/2026
Anthony Washington HDR Brentwood 138268-D2 12/31/2026
Miles Watkins Wood, E&IS Soddy Daisy 141826-D2 12/31/2024
Mark Watson City of Gatlinburg Gatlinburg 124880-D2 12/31/2022
Jennifer Watson City of Gallatin Smyrna 116864-D2 12/31/2022
Caden Watson TRIAD ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS, INC. Nashville 144294-D2 12/31/2024
Chad Weaver TDOT Knoxville 145809-D2 12/31/2025
Wiatt Wehunt A.D. Engineering, Inc Chattanooga 130261-D2 12/31/2024
Ryan Wheeler Miller/Greeneville Inc. Erwin 149309-D2 12/31/2026
Cindy Wheeler TDEC DWR 114941-D2 12/31/2024
Chadwick Wheeler Hamilton County Water Quality Chattanooga 134628-D2 12/31/2024
Michael White TDOT Nashville 990104-D2 12/31/2024
Brandon White TLM Associates, Inc. Jackson 149760-D2 12/31/2026
Brian Whitnel Lebanon 139644-D2 12/31/2024
Ron Whittaker C2RL Engineers Inc. Alcoa 132693-D2 12/31/2024
Pat Wiggins Sullivan Engineering, Inc Brentwood 121937-D2 12/31/2025
Maylynne Wilbert City of Memphis Memphis 124948-D2 12/31/2027
Casey Wilder Kimley-Horn Memphis 130970-D2 12/31/2024
William Williams W. Scott Williams and Associates Knoxville 131291-D2 12/31/2024
Steven Williams Crews Development Germantown 134842-D2 12/31/2025
Michael Williams Williams & Associates Engineering Nashville 138498-D2 12/31/2025
Henry Williams Williams Engineering Co Inc Savannah 116468-D2 12/31/2024
Brandon Williams City of Pigeon Forge Pigeon Forge 115704-D2 12/31/2025
Jeff Willoughby City Of Franklin Franklin 122690-D2 12/31/2027
Travis Wilson LJA Engineering McMinnville 131761-D2 12/31/2024
John Wilson Metro Water Services Nashville 149344-D2 12/31/2026
J. Gregory Wilson W&A Engineers Atlanta 119580-D2 12/31/2027
E. Lee Wilson Tetra Tech, Inc Memphis 124241-D2 12/31/2024
David Wilson Arcadis Chattanooga 131493-D2 12/31/2024
Lindsay Wilson-Kokes Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. Franklin 135122-D2 12/31/2026
Shawn Winberry TLM Associates Jackson 131654-D2 12/31/2024
David Winter Lord & Winter Nashville 130908-D2 12/31/2022
Jake Winters TLM Associates, Inc. Jackson 139647-D2 12/31/2024
Robert Wise TWM, inc. Chattanooga 130264-D2 12/31/2026
Jimmy Wiseman City of Franklin Franklin 139952-D2 12/31/2025
Kevin Wolfe Civil & Environmental Consultants Franklin 121161-D2 12/31/2022
Jake Wolfington The Chazen Companies Nashville 141648-D2 12/31/2022
Paul Womble Ragan-Smith Associates, Inc. Chattanooga 134630-D2 12/31/2026
Ben Womble Womble Engineering Hernando 125065-D2 12/31/2024
Brent Wood Cannon & Cannon Knoxville 117321-D2 12/31/2027
Jesse Wooden TDOT Chattanooga -D2 12/31/2024
Ryan Woodson Barge Cauthen & Associates, Inc. Nashville 133929-D2 12/31/2025
Erin Woodson Arcadis Chattanooga 136042-D2 12/31/2025
James Wooldridge Renaissance Group, Inc. Lake 134837-D2 12/31/2022
JT Workman Workman Consulting LLC Clinton 145509-D2 12/31/2024
Jill Workman Tysinger Hampton & Partners Inc Johnson City 117885-D2 12/31/2024
Michael Wrye Lose & Associates Inc Nashville 117089-D2 12/31/2024
Raymond Yontz TDEC DSW Jackson 133928-D2 12/31/2024
Patrick Young Smith Seckman and Reid SSR Clarksville 142557-D2 12/31/2024
James Young S&ME Memphis 148377-D2 12/31/2025
Brandon Young McCarty Granberry Engineering Collierville 142437-D2 12/31/2024
Ben Young TDOT Nashville 901242-D2 12/31/2024
Danuta Zabielski Buchart Horn Inc Memphis 116442-D2 12/31/2024
Jon Zirkle TDOT Region 3 Franklin 119094-D2 12/31/2025
Zach Zosel TDEC DSW Nashville 144881-D2 12/31/2024