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First Name Last Name Organization  (sort) City (sort) Cert. No. Exp. Date
Steven Goad Wilson & Associates Cookeville 133452-D2 12/31/2022
Jonathan Slemp Wilson & Associates Franklin 12/31/2018
Jay Bradley Wiser Company Inc Murfreesboro 12/31/2018
John Gordon Wiser Company Inc Murfreesboro 12/31/2020
William Jensen Wiser Consultants Murfreesboro 12/31/2020
Catherine Lowe Wiser Consultants Murfreesboro 137600-D2 12/31/2021
David Mayton Wiser Consultants Murfreesboro 139903-D2 12/31/2021
David McClatchey Wiser Consultants Murfreesboro 12/31/2020
William Sain Wiser Consultants, LLC Murfreesboro 12/31/2020
Chris Cline WK Dickson Knoxville 132473-D2 12/31/2021
Christopher Engle Wolf Creek Engineering Weaverville 12/31/2018
Grant Ginn Wolf Creek Engineering Weaverville 12/31/2018
Ben Womble Womble Engineering Hernando 125065-D2 12/31/2021
Jennifer Stone Wood E&IS Knoxville 12/31/2018
Forrest Glover Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions Nashville 12/31/2019
Dana Waits Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions, Inc. Nashville 138492-D2 12/31/2021
J. Cole Reagan Wood PLC Nashville 12/31/2019
Raina Singleton Woodard & Curran Duluth 12/31/2020
Frank Henning Woodard and Curran Duluth 12/31/2020
Gary Melton Worley Parsons Chattanooga 12/31/2018
Jeffrey Parris WorleyParsons Chattanooga 12/31/2018
Kenneth Perkins WSP Nashville 124347-D2 12/31/2021
Kamakshi Sistla WSP USA Nashville 12/31/2020
Lucas Sullivan WSP USA Nashville 12/31/2020
Matthew Smith WSP USA Inc Nashville 12/31/2020
Dave Hobbs Young, Hobbs and Associates Clarksville 12/31/2018
Bing Cao Z18 Engineering Knoxville 12/31/2021