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First Name Last Name Organization  (sort) City (sort) Cert. No. Exp. Date
Perry Harris Olin Corporation Charleston 12/31/2018
Jonathan Melton Atwell Group Charleston 12/31/2018
Matthew Miltner The Lane Construction Co Charlotte 12/31/2018
Nicholas Webb TDOT Chatanooga -D2 12/31/2020
John Agan Hamilton County Chattanooga 115879-D2 12/31/2021
Osame Amayo Telecad Wireless Chattanooga 138108-D2 12/31/2020
Rozh Ameen TVA Chattanooga 115809-D2 12/31/2021
James Barnette ARCADIS Chattanooga 12/31/2018
Jeb Barrett Marion Environmental Chattanooga 12/31/2018
Robert Bartol Chattanooga Public Works Chattanooga 124256-D2 12/31/2021
Crystal Bishop TVA Chattanooga 113422-D2 12/31/2022
Derek Blackwood MAP Engineers, LLC Chattanooga 130088-D2 12/31/2023
Dennis Bouton Volkert Inc Chattanooga 135487-D2 12/31/2023
Stephen Brady March Adams and Assoc., Inc. Chattanooga 123221-D2 12/31/2021
Jodie Branum TVA Chattanooga 12/31/2018
James Brogdon Arcadis Chattanooga 133986-D2 12/31/2021
Dennis Brown TVA Chattanooga 12/31/2018
Staci Bruce Environmental 360, Inc Chattanooga 135424-D2 12/31/2023
Joseph Burchfield TDOT Region 2 Chattanooga 12/31/2019
Robert Burnette TDEC DSW Chattanooga 138094-D2 12/31/2024
Emily Carpenter TDOT Chattanooga 900403-D2 12/31/2022
Alvin Cook Alvin R Cook & Associates LLC Chattanooga 12/31/2018
Brandie Cookston CDM Smith Chattanooga 131741-D2 12/31/2021
Richard Crisp TDOT Region 2 Chattanooga 12/31/2018
Billy Curtis TDOT Region 2 Chattanooga 12/31/2018
Ricky Curtis City of Chattanooga Chattanooga 138110-D2 12/31/2021
Christopher Davis Asa Engineering & Consulting, Inc. Chattanooga 134062-D2 12/31/2024
Jason Dees TDEC DWR Chattanooga 133487-D2 12/31/2022
Joe DeLorenzo TDOT Region 2 Chattanooga 12/31/2019
Micah Duffey Asa Engineering & Consulting, Inc. Chattanooga 12/31/2019