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First Name Last Name Organization  (sort) City (sort) Cert. No. Exp. Date
Lou Timms TDOT Region 4 Jackson 116464-D2 12/31/2021
James Tipton TVA Chattanooga 12/31/2018
Douglas Toney City of Columbia Tennessee Columbia 132529-D2 12/31/2021
Nicholas Tovar Southern Environmental Technologies Sewanee 131497-D2 12/31/2022
Lester Towles City of Bartlett Bartlett 12/31/2019
William Tucker S&ME Inc Nashville 112750-D2 12/31/2021
Matthew Tucker James C. Hailey & Company Nashville 12/31/2019
Garrett Tucker Robert G Campbell & Associates Knoxville 12/31/2019
Robert Tuggle Warren and Associates Engineering Lebanon 12/31/2020
Emmanuel Tuombe ABES Engineering, Inc Memphis 141070-D2 12/31/2022
Steven Turaski CEC Knoxville 12/31/2019
Joseph Turk TVA Chattanooga 12/31/2018
Weston Turner TDOT Nashville 12/31/2018
David Turner TTL, Inc. Nashville 141293-D2 12/31/2022
Blake Turner T-Square Engineering, Inc. Franklin 12/31/2019
Barry Turner City of Cookeville Cookeville 131621-D2 12/31/2021
Jeffry Turnmire Applied Engineering and Management Corp Knoxville 114355-D2 12/31/2021
J. Turnmire Applied Engineering and Management Corp Knoxville 114354-D2 12/31/2021
Nick Tuttle City of Gallatin Gallatin 117804-D2 12/31/2021
Ryan Tyler Barge Design Solutions, Inc. Nashville 12/31/2019
Casey Tyree BWSC Knoxville 12/31/2018
John Uhl Stantec Louisville 12/31/2020
Michael Underwood KCI Technologies Brentwood 12/31/2020
Gary Vaden City of Memphis Memphis 12/31/2018
Ron Vail Santek Waste Services Cleveland 124175-D2 12/31/2022
Jacob Van Buer Gresham Smith Nashville 139632-D2 12/31/2022
Nichole Vaughn Jarrett Builders Inc Cookeville 12/31/2020
Enrique Vazquez DPW Engineer Design Branch Ft Campbell 12/31/2018
Ryan Vernich McGill Associates Knoxville 134583-D2 12/31/2022
Gerald Vick WES Engineers and Surveyors Columbia 131657-D2 12/31/2022