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First Name Last Name Organization  (sort) City (sort) Cert. No. Exp. Date
Terry Stroud Madison County Jackson 112135-D2 12/31/2022
Rebekah Stroupe Virginia Department of Transportation Blountville 12/31/2019
Jarius Stroupe US Army Corps of Engineers Marion 12/31/2018
Christopher Strupp OHM Advisors Nashville 12/31/2020
James Studer Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions Kennesaw 140713-D2 12/31/2022
William Suiter Suiter Surveying & Land Planning, Inc. Clarksville 12/31/2021
William Suiter Suiter Surveying & Land Planning Clarksville 12/31/2018
Lucas Sullivan WSP USA Nashville 12/31/2020
Evan Summerville City of Franklin Franklin 139178-D2 12/31/2022
Chester Sutherland TDOT Region 2 Chattanooga 133434-D2 12/31/2021
Glenn Swafford TDOT Region 2 Chattanooga 12/31/2019
Angie Sykes City of Clarksville Clarksville 118046-D2 12/31/2021
Josh Tanner C2RL, Inc. Engineers Alcoa 12/31/2020
C. Raymond Tant Shield Engineering Inc Knoxville 12/31/2021
Michael Tapp Barge Design Solutions, Inc. Nashville 117044-D2 12/31/2021
Greg Tarbutton Randy Kinder Excavating Dexter 138265-D2 12/31/2021
Ben Tatum US Army Corps of Engineers Memphis 12/31/2018
Nate Taylor MLGW 1/1/1900
Michael Taylor Lauren Engineering Services Knoxville 12/31/2018
Matthew Taylor US Army Corps of Engineers Memphis 12/31/2018
Kristen Taylor TDOT Nashville 124789-D2 12/31/2022
Channing Taylor Ford Construction Company Dyersburg 124223-D2 12/31/2022
Brandon Taylor ETI Corporation Memphis 12/31/2018
Brandon Taylor SSR Inc. Memphis 134676-D2 12/31/2022
Alex Taylor Jackson Energy Authority Jackson 12/31/2018
Matt Tays Metro Water Services Nashville 125364-D2 12/31/2021
Madison Teague TDOT Knoxville 140054-D2 12/31/2021
Justin Teague Ensafe Knoxville 114343-D2 12/31/2022
James Terry Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure, Inc. Knoxville 12/31/2018
Robert Tester BLS Architects Johnson City 12/31/2020