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First Name Last Name Organization  (sort) City (sort) Cert. No. Exp. Date
David Abbey Development Management Group Nashville 121547-D2 12/31/2024
Shahad Abdulrahman City of Franklin Franklin 134742-D2 12/31/2025
Matthew Abston S&ME INC New Albany 146630-D2 12/31/2025
Suleiman Abusarhan Robert G. Campbell & Associates Knoxville 146475-D2 12/31/2025
John Agan Hamilton County Engr. & Fac. Maint. Chattanooga 115879-D2 12/31/2024
Michael Agnew Neel-Schaffer Nashville 119932-D2 12/31/2021
Khalid Ahmed TDOT Hq Nashville 131698-D2 12/31/2024
Julie Alcantara Neel-Schaffer Soddy Daisy 112473-D2 12/31/2026
Gracie Aldridge City of Spring Hill Spring Hill 145718-D2 12/31/2025
Crystal Alfaro Department of the Army Fort Campbell 148891-D2 12/31/2025
Larry Allen City of Hendersonville Hendersonville 117154-D2 12/31/2025
Josh Allen City of Gatlinburg Gatlinburg 113733-D2 12/31/2025
Jonathan Allen Geosyntec Consultants, Inc. Knoxville 117266-D2 12/31/2024
Jason Allen Acuff Enterprises, Inc. Cordova 134636-D2 12/31/2026
Clinton Allen Fort Campbell Directorate of Public Works Ft Campbell 131920-D2 12/31/2024
Randy Amayo SolAmerica Energy Atlanta 138108-D2 12/31/2024
Rozh Ameen TVA Chattanooga 115809-D2 12/31/2024
Amin Amin STV Franklin 148278-D2 12/31/2026
Trent Anderson RK&K Bristol 145436-D2 12/31/2024
Eli Anderson Metro Water Services, Development Services Nashville 135949-D2 12/31/2026
William Andrews Williamson County Government Franklin 119061-D2 12/31/2024
Thomas Armstrong Croy Engineering Chattanooga 143837-D2 12/31/2025
Jon Armstrong Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure, Inc. Abingdon 121821-D2 12/31/2021
James Armstrong Armstrong Engineering Nashville 116538-D2 12/31/2025
Alejandra Arriaga City of Lakeland Lakeland 142391-D2 12/31/2024
Paige Ashe-McLean F & M Consulting Savannah 131696-D2 12/31/2024
Jeffrey Atkins U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Campbell Fort Campbell 131544-D2 12/31/2024
Tyler Auberson Obair Contracting, LLC Cookeville 141195-D2 12/31/2025
Revendra Awasthi TDEC Knoxville 122422-D2 12/31/2022