TDEC Training Workshop

Level I - Fundamentals of Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control for Construction Sites


7:30 am Registration  
8:00 Background, Introduction to Workshop, and Notebook*  
8:05 Section1: Tennessee Construction General Permit (CGP) Requirements; SWPPP  
9:15 Section 2: Fundamentals of Rainfall-Runoff and Erosion-Sedimenntation Processes  
10:00 Break  
10:15 Section 3: Reading the SWPPP  

Section 4: Role and Responsibilities of the Inspector; Inspection Form

11:30 Section 5: Best Management Practices (BMPs)  
Noon Lunch (45 minutes-Lunch is provided to registrants)  
12:45 pm Section 5: Best Management Practices (BMPs) continued  
2:00 Break  
3:30 Wrap-up & Questions  
  Course Completion Exam - Open Handbook and Notes (1 Hour)  



* Notebook Contents

1. Presentation slides
2. Tennessee Erosion and Sediment Control Handbook (rev. March 2009)
3. Appendix A - May 2011 TDEC Construction General Permit (CGP)

4. Appendix B - Example SWPPP for Pickle Creek Plaza
5. Appendix C - Aquatic Resource Alteration Permit Activities
6. Inserts:

  a. Construction Stormwater Inspection Certification Form
b. Level I Acronym List
c. Notice of Intent (NOI) Form
d. Notice of Termination (NOI) Form

e. Example Rainfall Gage Record Form

Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control - Level I