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Stephen Ayers Quinn Contracting, Inc. Falkner 12/31/2018
Tony Azimipour Azimtech Engineering Hendersonville 12/31/2018
Derek Baalbergen S&ME, Inc. Nashville 12/31/2018
Greg Babbit CEC Knoxville 12/31/2018
Nathan Babelay KUB Knoxville 12/31/2019
Ronald Bacon Bacon Farmer Workman Engineering & Testing Paducah 12/31/2018
Carter Bagley US Army Corps of Engineers Memphis 12/31/2018
James Bagwell Moore Design Services Clarksville 12/31/2018
Jonathan Bailey Wilson & Associates Franklin 12/31/2018
Chad Bakely TDOT Nashville 12/31/2019
RT Baldwin City of Lebanon Lebanon 12/31/2018
Scott Ballard SpecPro Environmental Services Oak Ridge 12/31/2018
Jason Baltz Ensafe Nashville 12/31/2018
William Banks City of Franklin Franklin 12/31/2018
Andy Barlow City of Mt Juliet Mt Juliet 12/31/2018
Andy Barlow City of Mt Juliet Mt Juliet 12/31/2019
Joseph Barnett City of Elizabethton Elizabethton 12/31/2019
James Barnette ARCADIS Chattanooga 12/31/2018
James Barre Civic Engineering Nashville 12/31/2020
Jeb Barrett Marion Environmental Chattanooga 12/31/2018
Robert Bartol Chattanooga Public Works Chattanooga 12/31/2018
Byron Barton GEOServices, LLC Knoxville 12/31/2018
Darek Baskin City of Brentwood Brentwood 12/31/2018
Clyde Baumgartner Civil Constructors, LLC Franklin 12/31/2019
Jill Baxter Fisher Arnold Memphis 12/31/2020
Gary Beck B&W Y-12 Oak Ridge 12/31/2018
Brian Beck City of Cleveland Cleveland 12/31/2018
Austin Beck URS Etowah 12/31/2018
Jeff Beckett Cannon & Cannon Inc Knoxville 12/31/2018
Randy Beckner Mattern & Craig Kingsport 12/31/2018